Brad Feit’s legal career began in Florida, where he worked in criminal and family law before transitioning toward worker’s compensation and personal injury. After moving to Seattle, he began to work exclusively on personal injury cases. Brad sees personal injury law as his true passion since, more than anything, he wants to use his legal expertise to help people in need.

Brad believes personal injury law is an especially important field because it allows one to understand how and why so many Americans can live on such a thin margin. A car accident or a nasty fall can easily send someone’s life spiraling out of control, usually over something that wasn’t their fault in the first place. For most people missing even a single day of work can make it difficult, if not impossible to survive the month; and this sad reality is only compounded when children are involved.

Brad has seen firsthand what insurance companies routinely do to people in the name of profits. He long ago decided that he would rather be on the side of the average person than help increase the stock prices of the health and car insurance industries. Brad will work tirelessly to get every dollar possible for his clients.

Brad finds the most satisfaction from the small victories: removing balances from collections so a client’s credit won’t be damaged, challenging frivolous liens, navigating the labyrinth of medical bills, or even winning a liability issue. Brad’s legal experience runs the full gamut, and he’s always willing to explain even the most arcane law.

In his spare time, Brad enjoys cooking, golfing, hiking, and spending time with his wife.

  • Professional Experience
    • Associate Attorney - Driggs, Bills & Day PLLC
    • Associate Attorney - Phillips Law Firm
  • Professional Associations
    • King County Bar Association
    • Washington State Association for Justice - Eagle Member
    • WSAJ Presenter
    • Florida Criminal Family Law General Practitioner