What is an Advocate?

Ken and Matt founded The Advocates as a personal injury law firm dedicated to our clients and their needs. The firm began in 1991 and has been representing injured people since the day it opened. Know that when you hire an Advocate to represent you, you’re hiring a trusted ally in your recovery.

When you have been injured through the negligence of others, it is easy to feel overwhelmed with all the new problems you suddenly have to deal with. The physical and emotion pain. Property damage issues. Non-stop phone calls from insurance adjusters. Lack of transportation. Changes in your family life because of injury. The loss of the ability to work – or just lost time from work. As well as many other consequences that can and often do dramatically change your life. We understand. None of these problems are your fault. It is unfair.

Insurance companies are prepared for this, and they have very different goals than to help you recover. Their job, and sometimes their bonus, depends on minimizing the settlement amount paid out to either you or to others on your behalf. No matter how they act or what their slick TV commercials say, the insurance companies are not on your side. They owe their loyalty to their shareholders and not to their claimants. In fact, many insurance adjusters have learned that acting friendly is the best way to take advantage of someone who is hurt. It is unfair.

Our job as your Advocate is to turn the tables on the insurance companies and give you control over your own recovery.

Compassionate Negotiators, Powerful Litigators: The Two Sides of The Advocates

Attorneys Who Really Care

We can’t change the fact that you were hurt, but we can help you manage the myriad of issues that result from your injuries. This might involve dealing with medical providers to make sure the proper insurance is being billed so that your medical bills don’t go into collection. It might involve helping you get your car fixed and obtaining a rental car while yours is unavailable. It may involve helping you get immediate assistance with lost wages, or even just a comforting voice to tell you what to expect next.

We can’t change what motivates the insurance industry (profits), but we can prevent them from taking advantage of you. We know the rules. We will learn who you are, advise you of all your options, and then work tirelessly on your behalf to prevent the insurance companies from being the “bully.” We have been helping personal injury victims for a long time, and we are good at it.

When the time comes, we will work hard to attempt to resolve your case. Jamal, Amy, Kyle, and Brad, are skilled and practiced negotiators with years of experience dealing with insurance companies and their adjusters, as well as working with defendants’ counsel. Our attorneys will present your damages to the other side in a compelling, compassionate, and powerful way. When the other side makes an offer, we will help you evaluate whether the offer is reasonable and fair. Our job is to give you all the information and advice that we can, based on decades of experience, and then empower you to decide whether to settle or not.

Litigation and the Happy Warrior

Unfortunately, insurance companies don’t always play nice. They’ll sometimes refuse to settle an injury claim even when it is absolutely clear their client is 100% at fault, or they’ll offer an amount that is simply not adequate. When the defense offers a number you don’t agree to take, your case then moves into litigation.

The Advocates’ litigation group is one of the things that really sets us apart as a personal injury law firm. The single best way to force the insurance companies to pay fair value on injury claims is to repeatedly demonstrate to them that we are fully committed to fighting for each and every client in a court of law. The insurance companies track which law firms have the guts to back their negotiation with powerful litigation. The Advocates are proud that we have earned such a reputation.

We promise not to quit until all of your legal options have been exhausted. Our Trial Attorney Jason Murphy is a fierce litigator seasoned by years of fighting for his clients’ in New York City, and he’s ready to take your case all the way to a jury if necessary. Britt Birkenbuel is a Mass Tort Attorney with the Advocates who is passionate about obtaining justice for victims of defective products and other liability issues through Federal Court litigation. So, if our top rated personal injury lawyers are unable to negotiate a fair settlement for your injuries and losses, our litigation team will take up your case and go to the mat for you.

You deserve an Advocate!