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There’s no denying semi trucks rule the roadway. These huge trucks can weigh up to 80,000 pounds and measure nearly 80-feet from hood to taillight. Anyone who has driven in the proximity of such highway giants certainly knows how dangerous they can be. When an accident involving a semi truck does occur, the injuries and damages are often devastating.

In order to make a full recovery, you will need a skilled truck accident lawyer to help you through the aftermath of your truck crash. Our semi truck accident attorneys are committed to helping you have the best recovery possible. We will get you maximum compensation for the losses you’ve suffered due to the recklessness of a commercial truck driver. Unlike other personal injury law firms, our truck accident lawyers don’t give up until all of our clients’ legal options are exhausted. When an Advocate accepts your truck accident case, your recovery will always be our first priority.

Why a Semi Truck Accident Attorney is Essential

The truck accident attorneys with the Advocates are experts in commercial vehicle law. We know best how tough it can be to pursue a truck accident injury claim. With so many parties involved—the driver, the trucking company, the corporation chartering the truck—proving exactly who is at fault for the truck accident can be a difficult task. Our semi truck accident lawyers will hold every party accountable for your injuries and losses they have caused you and your family.

The following are just some examples of the damages the Advocates can recover for you:

  • Medical costs

  • Lost wages

  • Pain and suffering

  • Property damage

  • Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD)

  • Loss of consortium

  • And so much more…

With an Advocate leading your legal team, we will help you get the highest value for your truck accident claim.

Common Semi Truck Accident Questions

Our Truck Accident Attorneys Will Guide You Through Your Case

Unlike other personal injuries, truck accident cases can quickly become problematic and convoluted. Victims often run into a number of obstacles involving liability and complicated insurance issues. Since truck collisions frequently involve multiple at-fault parties, as well as several different vehicles, layers upon layers of complexity can be added to your case. What might have seemed clear-cut and obvious at the scene of the crash—the semi truck hit your vehicle—can quickly balloon into a confusing maze of legal jargon and gobbledygook.

Not to worry. The Advocates can help you sort everything out. Our semi truck accident lawyers are ready to bring our legal expertise to your case. We know best how to value your truck accident claim and then fight for full compensation. When you hire a truck attorney with the Advocates, you’re getting an effective negotiator who knows the devious tricks and tactics insurance companies regularly use to keep truck accident settlements as low as possible.

If the insurance companies refuse to act reasonably by offering you a fair settlement, then we’ll send your case to the litigation wing of our firm. Our uncompromising litigation team is what puts the Advocates head and shoulders above other Seattle truck attorneys. Where other law firms throw in the towel if a case doesn’t settle out of court, the Advocates refuse to give up until the job is done. With an Advocate on your side, we’ll fight for you and your recovery.

Open Communication with Your Truck Accident Lawyer

When you work with an Advocate after your truck accident, you’re getting an ally committed to your full recovery. If you have a question about your case, you will always be able to speak directly to your truck crash lawyer. The Advocates believe in open and honest communication with our clients. We will never transfer you to a paralegal or a legal assistant if your semi truck lawyer is available to take your call. We promise to answer all of your legal questions and keep you informed about any and all developments in your case. You should never hesitate to pick up the phone to call us about your truck accident claim. We take client communication seriously at the Advocates, so feel free to call us today.

The Advocates’ Way

There is a reason why we call ourselves the Advocates. We care deeply about the clients we work with and will do everything we can to help them have the best recovery possible. Our truck lawyers take pride in the fact that we treat every client as if they were our one and only client. This is the Advocates’ way. Your needs and the needs of your recovery are our top priority. As a client of the Advocates, you’ll never be just one case out of thousands.

Your Truck Injury Claim Deserves an Advocate!

If you’ve been injured in a collision involving a semi truck or a commercial vehicle, you want just compensation for the injuries and losses you’ve suffered. Unfortunately, a run-of-the-mill truck attorney simply won’t do. You don’t have to settle on a second best attorney for a truck accident when you can hire an Advocate to represent you and your case. Our truck attorneys have the toughness and determination needed to get you the settlement your case deserves. Unlike other truck lawyers, the Advocates don’t quit until the job is done.

We get it. Nobody wants to hire an ordinary lawyer for a truck accident that has caused untold damage to their life, health, and well-being. Thankfully, our truck accident lawyers have helped thousands of accident victims all throughout Washington State. When choosing a semi truck accident lawyer, don’t settle for second best. Contact the Advocates to get a free case evaluation today! Our attorneys work on a contingency basis, which means we don’t get paid until you do. You can call our office 7 days a week at (206) 452-4200 to get free legal advice about your situation. Don’t wait. Reach out to us today. You deserve an Advocate!