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Ken and Doni - The Advocates

For close to a decade Ken and Doni have worked together to make The Advocates Injury Attorneys the Pacific Northwest’s premier law firm for anyone that has been injured in an accident through no fault of their own. Although their backgrounds are distinctly different, they agree on the firm’s core values and have prioritized developing a team committed to fiercely advocating for each client. In addition to guiding the firm’s Washington and Oregon presence, Ken & Doni feature prominently in The Advocates commercials.

Client Loyalty is Our North Star

Ken and Doni have built The Advocates to reflect the core belief that commitment to clients should always come first. This means we’re here to add value and exceed expectations. If we don’t think we can increase the total amount in someone’s pocket at the end of the process, we won’t take their case. For Ken and Doni, it’s not about maximizing profits, it’s about doing what’s right for each individual and trusting that the business will grow as a result.

So far, this approach has helped drive expansion from the initial Seattle office into Eastern Washington and Oregon.

The Advocates care about, and have empathy for, the people who seek our help. We respect our clients and do our best to protect, guide and empower them. We make business decisions as if the client were in the room. We work to make the lives of our clients and the people around us better. It is our privilege and duty to use our knowledge, training and resources to help others.

We’re All Advocates

Each team member of The Advocates is empowered and expected to go above and beyond for our clients. Ken and Doni hire people they trust to do things the right way, even when it means taking the more difficult path. Because clients are placing their confidence, and often livelihood, in our hands, we take the responsibility seriously and expect everyone to embody the firm’s values.

Whether it’s an attorney, paralegal, legal assistant, or someone from our intake team, you should expect to be treated with compassion, transparency, and respect.

Doing What’s Right for Our Clients

Reputation is everything, and we pride ourselves on using the reputation we’ve built to get the most for our clients. We’ve invested in, and developed, a market-leading litigation department that strategically pushes cases towards trial. This commitment to both our clients and our reputation has resulted in increased settlement offers for the people we represent. Insurance companies know The Advocates are serious about getting each client appropriate compensation for their injuries. We won’t back down from a fight if a fair amount isn’t offered.

Ken and Doni have made The Advocates one of the most respected plaintiff’s personal injury firms in the Pacific Northwest. Regardless of an individual’s injuries or circumstances, the goal from the top down is to ensure every client receives the best representation available and ultimately ends up with significantly more money in their pocket than they’d have received without our help.

When our clients win, we win.

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