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If you suffered injury in a motorcycle accident, you deserve the best accident lawyer in all of the Pacific Northwest. What you need is an Advocate on your side!

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Anyone who has ridden a motorcycle knows how dangerous it can be to share the road with cars and trucks traveling in the next lane. Motorcycles are frequently cut off in traffic, tailed too closely, and even pushed out of traffic by inattentive drivers. Such ill treatment is not only unfair to motorcyclists, it is incredibly dangerous. If you have been injured by such reckless behavior, you will need a motorcycle accident lawyer to help you through the aftermath.

The Advocates understand better than most how badly motorcyclists are treated on streets and highways. Indeed, accidents involving motorcycles are so dangerous that victims often suffer severe injury or even long-term disabilities after their crashes. Some collisions even prove to be fatal for some unlucky motorcyclists. In order to find justice for their injuries and losses, victims should consider hiring an experienced motorcycle accident attorney to help them through the legal aftermath of their collision.

A Motorcycle Accident Attorney Will Fight For Your Recovery

If you are a motorcyclist who has been injured in an accident, the motorcycle accident lawyers with the Advocates can help you get maximum compensation for your accident claim. When a motorcycle accident attorney with The Advocates accepts your case, you’re not only getting an ally in your recovery but also a proven fighter who will take the fight where it belongs: to the insurance companies. So why settle for a run-of-the-mill motorcycle injury lawyer when an Advocate is ready to take your case? Our law firm knows what major hurdles you’ll face after your motorcycle accident and how best to help you make the best recovery possible so you can get back onto the road again.

One of the first major setbacks accident victims face during the aftermath of their motorcycle crash is having their injury claim denied by an insurance provider. There’s no escaping the fact that insurance companies are primarily in the business of making money. One way they can save a dime is by denying accident claims for whatever reason they can make stick. When it comes to motorcycle injury claims, insurance providers often try to blame motorcyclists for the injuries and losses they’ve suffered. They will push inaccurate stereotypes about motorcyclists being reckless speed demons who flagrantly disobey motorcycle traffic laws. Such tactics are incredibly dishonest and couldn’t be further from the truth. Don’t let the insurance providers push you around. Contact the Advocates to speak with one of our attorneys today about your options.

Motorcycle Accident Lawyers and Determining Liability

Motorcycle crashes cause incredible damage not only to victims’ bodies and vehicles but to their livelihoods, as well. Receiving a denial of liability from the at-fault party’s insurance provider can leave a motorcycle accident victim feeling like they have few options. If your motorcycle injury claim has been denied, you likely have a number of questions.

  • How will you prove the other person was a fault?

  • Will you ever receive compensation for your damaged motorcycle?

  • What will you use for transportation now?

  • How will your medical bills get paid?

  • What are your legal options?

  • How will you make ends meet if you are too injured to work?

The motorcycle accident lawyers with The Advocates understand the frustration you must be feeling. You shouldn’t have to pay for another person’s negligence and irresponsibility. Nor should you let the insurance companies push you around. Contact an injury attorney with the Advocates today to see how we can help you get the settlement you deserve. Here are just a few ways our motorcycle accident lawyers can help you:

  • Negotiate a fair settlement

  • Help prove liability beyond a doubt

  • What will you use for transportation now?

  • Set up your property damage claim

  • Connect you with a network of medical providers

  • Compile your comprehensive medical records

  • File a lawsuit and fight for you in court

  • Be a dedicated voice for you throughout legal process

Motorcycle Accident FAQ

Motorcycle Accident Statistics

While motorcycles make up less than 5% of all traffic found on Washington State roads and highways, motorcyclists accounted for nearly 20% of auto-related injuries and 15% of roadway fatalities from 2013 until 2017. Such a huge imbalance shows just how dangerous motorcycles can be for those who ride them. The following are more motorcycle accident statistics for Washington State:

  • 1 out of 5 motorcycle crashes causes serious injury or death

  • An average of 75 motorcyclists die annually in Washington

  • Over 90% of motorcyclists killed in crashes are male

  • Riding a motorcycle increases the risk of death by over 30 times

  • Weekday afternoons are the most dangerous time for motorcycle accidents

  • Over a third of motorcycle deaths were due to driving and riding

motorcycle statistics

The Motorcycle Accident Attorney You Deserve

After you’ve been injured in a motorcycle accident, you need a motorcycle injury attorney who will help restore your life to what it was before you were injured. Our motorcycle accident lawyers are ready to help you have the best recovery possible by getting you maximum compensation for the injuries and losses you suffered. Below are just some of the ways the Advocates can help you:

  • Obtain police accident reports

  • Help defer outstanding medical bills until your case settles

  • Compile your comprehensive medical records

  • Assist with a car rental

  • Help keep your bills out of collections

  • Refer you to a network of doctors and other medical professionals

  • Speak to your employer about time off to recover

If the insurance providers don’t want to play fair by offering you a reasonable settlement, then the litigation team with the Advocates will file a lawsuit and take your case before a judge and jury. That’s how committed we are to your recovery. Where other personal injury law firms throw up their hands in defeat, our motorcycle accident attorneys dig in and take the fight where it belongs: to the insurance providers. Why settle for second best when you can have an Advocate fighting for you? Don’t wait to contact our law firm today. You can either call us at 206-452-4200 or chat online right now with a live motorcycle injury lawyer from our homepage. You can rest assured that when you hire the Advocates, your recovery will always be our #1 priority, so don’t wait. Reach out to our law firm today. You deserve an Advocate!


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