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Our trial attorneys have a long history of successful litigation on behalf of their clients. When other law firms wave the white flag, The Advocates will dig in and fight!

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The Advocates are prepared to go to trial to help our clients win the best recovery possible. When insurance companies deny liability or make unacceptable low settlement offers, our attorneys refuse to back down. The Advocates have a proven history of successful litigation for our clients. Many law firms promise to fight for their clients, but then later avoid litigation due to the difficulty and risk involved. The Advocates are dedicated to winning maximum value for our clients’ personal injury claims. That’s our promise to you.

Verdicts and settlements include:

$3.25 Million

Back Surgery

Accident Type: Slip and Fall Incident
Case Details: While working, a delivery person slipped on a patch of snow and ice outside of a convenience store. He suffered serious injuries from his fall and required multiple surgeries. The client lost his job as a result. Jason proved the value of the case in court with the help of multiple experts, resulting in a multi-million-dollar verdict.

$2.3 Million

Severe Leg Injury

Accident Type: Workplace Accident
Case Details: During a job on a construction site, a worker fell from a defective scaffold and suffered a significant leg injury. Unable to work, he faced a dramatic decrease in his income. He hired another law firm and after examining his case, the attorney advised him to settle for a sum far under a million dollars. Upset with this advice, he then hired Jason and his team to help him win the amount of compensation his loss deserved. After failing to offer a fair settlement during mediation, the defendants caved shortly before the trial and offered a settlement well over two million dollars.

$1.8 Million

Multiple Surgeries

Accident Type: Auto Accident
Case Details: 
A construction truck blew through a red light and struck a man’s vehicle. The
victim suffered serious injuries requiring multiple surgeries and, as a result, had to completely change the way he lived his life. At first, the driver of the construction truck claimed the client was at fault. But after proving fault during trial, the case settled for far more than the last offer.

$1.3 Million

Multiple Surgeries

Accident Type: Premises Liability
Case Details: After her landlord claimed her apartment was safe for residence, a woman suffered a dangerous fall and was severely injured. She underwent multiple surgeries and her life was irrevocably altered. Following years of hard-fought litigation, Jason and his team settled the case for a fair amount.

$1.25 Million

Back Surgery

Accident Type: Commercial Truck Accident
Case Details: While driving to work, a woman was rear ended by a large commercial truck. After attempting conservative treatments for her injuries, she did her best to return to her normal life. However, her pain continued, and she had no choice but to undergo surgery to her back. She received a ridiculously low offer of $10,000. After years of aggressive back and forth in litigation, the defendant waved the white flag and agreed to a million dollar plus settlement.

$1.2 Million

Severe Neck Injury

Accident Type: Rear-end Car Crash
Case Details: 
A man was seriously injured after a limousine rear ended his vehicle. Shortly after the accident, he soon found his injuries had a huge impact on his daily life, including an extensive surgery. The final offer made by the defense was for $90,000. But following a two- week trial and an unsuccessful appeal, the man was awarded a verdict well over a million dollars.

$1.025 Million

Wrongful Death

Accident Type: Drunk Driver Crash
Case Details: After a man spent the evening drinking in a local bar, he got behind the wheel of his vehicle and ran over and killed a man. Unfortunately, the drunk driver responsible for his death did not have enough insurance to adequately compensate the family for their loss. However, Jason was able to prove the bar over-served the driver with alcohol and was, therefore, negligent as well for the death of the man. The case settled for the limits of the at-fault driver and the bar.

$1.0 Million

Wrongful Death

Accident Type: Fatal Car Accident
Case Details: A man was struck by a vehicle in a parking lot and eventually succumbed to his injuries. The defendant responsible for the pedestrian crash claimed a surveillance video proved the client was not paying attention and walked directly into traffic. Jason and the litigation team obtained additional evidence and hired experts to prove the defendant was liable for the accident. The defendant had no choice but to pay our attorney’s client full insurance limits without litigation.


Severe Back Injuries

Accident Type: Bus Accident
Case Details: 
A woman was riding as a passenger on a bus when it veered off its course and crashed into a utility pole. Following a string of unsuccessful treatments at a chiropractor and a physical therapist, the client had no other choice but to undergo multiple injections into her back. After receiving a final offer of $200,000 for her injuries and losses, Jason took her case before a jury and won a verdict just shy of a million dollars.


Neck Surgery

Accident Type: Rear-ended by a Bus
Case Details:
While sitting in traffic, a driver was suddenly rear-ended by a bus. The client’s injuries were so severe, he needed surgery to repair the damage to his neck. The defendant denied fault for the accident, insisting the neck surgery was not related to the crash. During the trial, the defendant relented and finally offered a just settlement.

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