In 2004, Kenneth Bills and Matthew Driggs opened The Advocates in Seattle with a primary focus on client value and service. Ken believes strongly that a sizable law firm can be as effective at litigation as any boutique litigation firm, while also having the ability to serve large numbers of clients across Washington and Oregon. The Advocates holds these values at the center of its approach to each client’s case. If each individual is treated as though they’re the only client the firm has, everyone is better off.

In his career, Ken has worked on both mass tort and personal injury cases, and has helped thousands of clients recover fair compensation and get back on their feet. Ken believes that a strong team of lawyers and staff, each of whom are focused on the goal of doing what is best for the client, while working on what each are best at doing, serves to make the client’s experience and outcome the very best possible.

Kenneth and Donilyn Hunter-Sallustio (“Ken and Doni”) carefully cultivate the firm’s team to match these standards of service, both to our clients and our community. These core values are how every team member who works for Ken and Doni are evaluated – creating a culture designed to exceed client expectations and deliver outstanding results.

Ken loves the Pacific Northwest. Before practicing law, Ken excelled at skiing and contract bridge. If Ken isn’t traveling with his wife or for work, at nights he can often be found playing video games or otherwise spending time with his kids.

  • Professional Experience
    • Partner – The Advocates at Driggs, Bills and Day (1994-present)
    • Partner – Advocates Law at Driggs, Bills and Day (2012-present)
  • Professional Associations
    • United States Court of Appeals for the Tenth Circuit – 1994
    • Washington State Association for Justice - Eagle Member