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Head-On Collisions Require Experienced Legal Representation

More than any other type of accident, head-on car crashes are both terrifying and extremely dangerous. Victims often face devastating consequences following a head-on car accident. The injuries victims suffer are usually serious and require long-term care and rehabilitation. Though they account for only 2% of total accidents in the United States, head-on collisions account for 10% of all vehicle-related fatalities.

Head-on car crashes can be difficult injury claims to pursue due to the serious injuries they produce and the long-term effects these accidents have on victims. Insurance companies will often do all they can to avoid accepting responsibility for head-on accidents since such injury claims commonly settle for high-dollar amounts. If you have been hurt in a head-on car crash, you need a skilled car accident lawyer ready to fight for you. What you need is an attorney from the Advocates on your side.

How an Advocate Injury Attorney Will Help You

Injuries caused by a head-on collision are almost always more severe than any other type of accident. Injury claims resulting from head-on car accidents almost always become complicated matters, and insurance companies frequently do all they can to get out of paying for such expensive accidents. Without the help of a practiced injury attorney, victims find it difficult to make a full recovery from their injuries and losses, often settling claims for amounts that barely cover their medical bills.

With an Advocate attorney on your side, you will never have to worry about leaving money on the table. Our attorneys will help you:

  • properly value your injury claim

  • negotiate with insurance adjusters

  • and litigate your case in a court of law if the insurance providers refuse to play fair

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Common Car Accident FAQs

Common Causes of Head-On Crashes

While rare, head-on collisions often cause tremendous damage and can happen for a host of reasons. Since both vehicles are traveling directly at one another, the speed of the crash is compounded. This means that the impact of the crash is double what it would be in an accident such as a rear-end or even a side-impact.

Due to this fact, it’s common to see victims thrown from their vehicles or even crushed when the engine is pushed into the front seat. Here are a few of the causes of head-on car accidents:

  • Fatigued driver falling asleep while driving
  • Drunk driver veering into opposing traffic leading a motorist to enter oncoming traffic
  • Reckless driver attempting to pass on a two-way road
  • Mechanical failure
  • Distracted driving due to texting or chatting with a passenger
  • Driver error leading to traveling in the wrong direction
  • Inclement weather
  • Poorly marked lanes or confusing signage

Most Common Head-On Collision Injuries

While far rarer than rear-end collisions, head-on accidents do occur on roads and highways in Idaho and Washington State. Unsurprisingly, head-on crashes occur more often in rural areas than urban centers. According to statistics released by the National Center for Statistics and Analysis, these types of accidents are far more common on country roads, accounting for 13% of all accident fatalities, than on city streets, where they make up 7% of accident deaths.

Thankfully, head-on car crash deaths have decreased over the past few decades due to technological advancements in auto safety. Safety devices such as airbags and seat belts have gone a long way in protecting victims from suffering the more serious types of injuries typical of head-on collisions. A few of the more common injuries caused by head-on accidents are:

Spinal Cord Injuries
Damage to the spine and spinal cord is the most dangerous type of injury one can suffer from a head-on crash. Spinal cord injuries can range from modest, such as broken or fractured vertebrae, to as severe as damage to the spinal cord itself. A severed spinal cord is one of the worst injuries you can suffer, potentially leaving you paralyzed for the remainder of your life.

Injuries to the Head
Head injuries are all too common in head-on accidents. Victims’ heads typically collide with the airbag, the door window, or even the steering wheel or dashboard. Head injuries can be as serious as traumatic brain injuries (TBIs) and cracked skulls or as minor as a concussion. If you have suffered a head injury from a car accident, you should seek professional medical care as soon as possible.

Neck Injuries
Similar to head injuries, the neck is particularly sensitive to damage from a head-on car accident. Due to the heaviness of the human head, a head-on crash can cause severe damage to the muscles, tendons, and ligaments of the neck. The force of the crash can send the head rocking backwards and forwards in an unnatural motion in a whipping motion, putting strain on the neck and causing lasting damage. This whipping motion is why this type of injury is called whiplash.

Head-on crashes can also cause more severe neck injuries. Victims have been known to suffer punctured neck arteries or even broken necks. Such injuries have been known to cause paralysis or even prove fatal.

PTSD and Psychological Stress
One of the most disturbing experiences for any motorist is the sight of another vehicle heading directly towards you. Many victims of head-on car crashes report flashbacks and an irrational fear while driving after their accidents. They also describe feelings of depression, anxiety, sudden mood shifts, and even chronic nightmares or insomnia. These are all symptoms of post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD).

For decades, PTSD was shrugged off by the general population as a sort of phantom illness. But thanks to updated scientific evidence, symptoms of PTSD are finally being treated properly, as a real and debilitating illness. If you suspect you are suffering from PTSD caused by a devastating car accident, you should seek out medical assistance as soon as you are able. Psychological therapy is the best way to alleviate your mental suffering and get back to the stress-free and safe lifestyle you led before your accident.


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