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Weekend Road Rage Claims Life of Young Mother

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Weekend Road Rage Claims Life of Young Mother


A tragic accident occurred over the weekend involving a case of road rage along I-5 just north of Route 520, claiming the life of a young woman. Washington State Patrol is seeking information in hopes of tracking down a red/maroon pickup truck said to have caused the accident.

Witnesses to the accident claim the blue Jeep Liberty Taylor Hulsey, who died in the crash, was cut-off by the aforementioned pickup truck, sending the vehicle careening into the left barrier wall along I-5. Hulsey, 20, and fellow passenger Dominque Whitaker, 25, were rushed to Harborview Medical Center. Whitaker was later released with minor injuries.

Sergeant Julie Fisher of the Washington State Patrol was informed by Whitaker that a red/maroon Dodge pickup truck with four doors and tinted windows swerved suddenly in front of their vehicle in order to cut them off. Hulsey then lost control of the Jeep and smashed into the median divider. The left side of the Jeep was obliterated. The accident was believed to be caused by road rage.

The accident occurred early in morning, shortly after 2 a.m., on Northbound I-5 near Roanoke Street.

“We’re looking for vehicles of that description,” said Sgt. Fisher. “We know they were interacting with one another, and there was apparently a lane change that made this vehicle respond and that’s why it drove into the barrier.”

A female passenger was also reported to be traveling in the pickup truck. Sgt. Fisher said the truck may not have been damaged in the accident since it is unclear whether or not the two vehicles collided.

“We’re looking for vehicles of that hoping or relying on witnesses or the driver to call in and give us more information,” Fisher said. “It’s very serious. The families deserve closure. They deserve to know what happened and we need the facts.”

Hulsey was the mother of a two-year-old son.

Witnesses and anyone with information are urged to contact Trooper Rick Johnson of the Washington State Patrol Police at [email protected] or by phone at (425) 766-0812.


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