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Bus Accidents and Serious Injury: What You Need to Know

Public and charter buses are very large vehicles and can cause serious harm if they are involved in an accident. As with semi-trucks, a bus accident differs from a normal car crash because the bus far outweighs most other vehicles. Since buses often carry many passengers, the potential for serious injury in a bus accident can be high.

If you have been in a bus accident, the bus accident lawyers with The Advocates can fight for you.

How a Bus Accident Lawyer Can Help You

No matter who is involved or who is at fault, an accident can cost a victim money and pain. Some costs might be easy to calculate, such as high medical bills, lost wages, and property damage. Other expenses are harder to calculate, such as lost productivity, administrative costs, and higher insurance rates. Often, the consequences of a bus accident are long term. You need a bus accident lawyer to make sure you are fairly compensated for your losses.

Even if you were injured in a bus accident that was not your fault, you cannot be certain that all your medical bills and other expenses will be covered by the “at-fault drivers” insurance. The Advocates Law has experienced bus accident attorneys who will use their expertise to help make your case.

Being in a bus accident is traumatic, whether it involves a charter bus, a large RV, a city bus, or other large vehicle. The bus accident lawyers with The Advocates can fight for your rights against big insurance companies. Insurance companies usually have their own teams of bus accident attorneys working to keep their costs down and avoid paying you what they owe. If you try to settle your case alone, you’ll be at a serious disadvantage. What you need is bus accident attorney to help you get the compensation you deserve.

If you have been injured in a bus accident, contact a bus accident attorney with The Advocates today. We will aggressively negotiate on your behalf, and our reputation as caring but aggressive advocates for our clients could give you the edge you need.

Bus Accident Laws


Similar laws apply to a bus accident as a car accident. While a bus accident may seem to be different from a normal accident (it may be a commercial vehicle, city or state vehicle, and bus drivers are held to a higher standard for operating) you should still follow

normal accident procedures at the scene of the accident. Standard accident advice includes:

  • Do not apologize or admit fault
  • Collect witness and driver contact information if you are physically able
  • Gather any other evidence possible including photos
  • Contact and co-operate with law enforcement

Operators of large vehicles that require a commercial driver’s license are required to maintain logs, check their vehicles operational and safety equipment, pass standardized drug screening, and other federally mandated regulation.  An experienced bus accident attorney will be well versed in these regulations.

Bus Accident Statistics

In 2012, the Washington Traffic Safety Commission Annual Collision Summary reported there were 1,209 accidents involving buses in the state of Washington. An important fact from the summary is the size of the bus is the biggest contributing factor to

injuries for the other vehicle involved. Nearly 28% of the reported bus accidents in the state of Washington resulted in an injury, which is extremely high in comparison to passenger vehicle accidents.

It is important to remember that bus drivers, for any type of bus, are held to a higher standard because of the size of the vehicle they operate.

Failure to meet the guidelines set forth by state and federal governments can make the commercial driver liable. Whether it was a car, pedestrian, or were a passenger on a bus that was involved in an accident, you should contact an experienced bus accident attorney. For more information on Washington bus accident statistics, contact the Washington Traffic Safety Commission or the Washington Department of Transportation.

Bus Accident Attorney Fees: Our Contingency Fee Promise

At The Advocates, we have adopted contingency fee program for all of our injury cases. This means that bus accident attorney fees are paid to our lawyers only when they recover compensation on your behalf. We have integrated this type of fee structure to

help remove the financial risk of hiring the Advocates Law as your bus accident lawyers. Your consultation and case evaluation are always free at the Advocates Law.

If you have questions about our bus accident attorney contingent fee or are wondering if you have a good case, contact the Advocates Law today for more information. Our bus accident lawyers have the experience you need. Call 206-452-4200 or fill out and submit our online “contact us” form found on this page.

Case Settlement

Bus accidents are complicated. Often, victims of bus accidents have questions regarding a case settlements, their compensation, attorneys’ fees, case timelines, and others. The Advocates Law has experienced bus accident lawyers that give you the advantage you need in negotiating with insurance companies, private companies, or city municipalities for your case settlement. Our lawyers have settled many bus accident cases. We can answer your questions or give you the advice you need.

If you or a loved one has been injured in a bus accident and have questions regarding case settlements, contact the Advocates Law today. There is never any cost to you until we win or settle your case.

Just Compensation For Your Bus Accident

One of the common questions after a bus accident is how much a victim can expect to receive in compensation.  Because each bus accident case has so many variables, each case is very different. If you have been injured in a bus accident, you have the right to find a bus accident attorney. A bus accident lawyer like those at the Advocates Law will aggressively represent your rights and interests.

Being hurt in a bus accident can have significant impact on your quality of life.  It can affect your life through chronic pain, lost productivity, and caring for your family. There can be many other unforeseen costs involved. To make sure you get the compensation you are entitled to, contact the Advocates Law by calling 206-452-4200 or filling out our online contact form found on this page.

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