Sacrum Pain after Injury

Sacrum pain arising from an injury usually occurs following high-speed motor vehicle accidents and slip and falls. As we’ve discussed in previous articles regarding the spine, injuries to the sacrum can be debilitating to the injured party. Sitting while having sacrum pain can be excruciating and near impossible. Let’s learn about the anatomy of the sacral spine and what problems can arise from sacral injuries.

Anatomy of the Sacral Spine

Unlike your cervical, thoracic, and lumbar spinal segments, your sacral vertebrae fuse together sometime between after puberty and 30 years of age. This creates a triangular shape, though the shape varies greatly depending on sex. In men, the sacrum is straighter and less curved. In women, the sacrum is shorter and wider, creating a more circular shape where it connects to the pelvis. This fact results in women having more issues with sacrum pain following injury.

Your sacral spine connects to the bones of the pelvis, tailbone (coccyx), and lumbar spine. The joints that form at the hip bone are known as sacroiliac joints. The sacrum is thick and not as easily injured when compared to the rest of the spine. Falls account for most non-birth-related injuries to the sacrum with motor vehicle accidents close behind.

What Issues Can Occur after Sacral Injury?

Not only can sacrum pain lead to entire back pain, but it can also cause nerve pain down one or both legs. Injuries to the sacrum can also affect sensory input and output in the groin and buttocks. At its worse, and much more common in women’s sacral injuries than men’s, loss of bladder and bowel control can occur.

Although fractures of the sacral vertebrae are rare, they can be caused by high-impact trauma, such as a fall from a great height or a high-speed motor vehicle accident. Normally any injuries to the sacrum in these kinds of trauma mean that the pelvis and hips are also adversely affected.


I’m Experiencing Sacrum Pain after a Personal Injury

If you are experiencing pain in your lower back or pelvic area following a slip and fall or motor vehicle accident, or if you are having problems with urinary incontinence or retention, it’s very important to seek medical advice. If your sacrum pain resulting from an injury continues, call a car accident lawyer with The Advocates and we can get you talking to an experienced personal injury attorney immediately!