The Top 5 Most Dangerous Roads in Washington State

Washington State drivers have long had the reputation of being some of the worst in the entire United States. But Washington also has some of the most dangerous roads as well. With a rugged, mountainous landscape and an exploding population, Washington is far from the safest place to commute, as the recent increase in car accidents has shown. Here are the top 5 most dangerous roads and highways in all of the great Evergreen State of Washington.

5. State Route 20

What makes State Route 20 so very dangerous is that it contains the infamous Washington Pass. Located in the heart of the North Cascades National Park, the Washington Pass sits over 5,000 feet above sea level and is prone to violent snowstorms and avalanches. Indeed, the pass is so dangerous that it’s closed from November to May each year, which is a shame since the scenery found along SR 20 is some of the most beautiful you’ll find in all of Washington.

4. State Route 522

Known locally as the “highway of death,” State Route 522 also has a national reputation, having been cited in both Forbes and Reader’s Digest as one of the most dangerous roads in the entire United States. The stretch of highway from Monroe is easily the most dangerous since SR 522 was originally meant to be four lanes instead of the two you’ll find today. The road is curvy with few dividers and cars just whiz by as if they were cruising on I-5. SR 522 is also a commuter’s nightmare due to how frequent car accidents are, which leaves traffic on the highway snarled for miles and miles.

3. Interstate 5

While we here at The Advocates consider other highways to be more dangerous, Geotab considers Interstate 5 to be the most deadly in all of Washington. Cutting a wide swathe from Canada to Oregon, I-5’s multiple lanes perfectly split Washington State in half and easily contain the most traffic of any highway in the Pacific Northwest. Every day over 200,000 cars and trucks use I-5, amounting to an astounding 73 million people traveling over the interstate annually (WSDOT). This high traffic is the reason why there have been nearly 300 deaths on I-5 over the last 10 years. If you ever find yourself driving along I-5, maybe do everyone a favor and just slow down.

2. Highway 2

US Highway 2 lands on our penultimate spot due to both how rugged the roadway can be and how very remote it is at times. If you get in an accident on US 2 traveling between Spokane and Seattle, you could very well be on your own for a time. Ambulances and emergency responders often take up to 80 minutes to reach car accident victims on US 2. In fact, in the last 15 years alone, over 60 people have perished in car accidents on US 2. In recent years, the Washington State Department of Transportation has begun to address the more dangerous aspects of US 2 by installing median dividers in hopes of preventing head-on crashes. Despite their efforts, however, US 2 remains a potential deathtrap for too many motorists.

1. Hart’s Pass

Without a doubt, the most dangerous road in all of Washington State is Hart’s Pass in the Okanogan-Wenatchee National Forest. Winding and twisting around mountains in the North Cascades, Hart’s Pass is the highest road in all of Washington. What makes the road extremely dangerous, however, is that its one-lane road is little more than gravel and dirt and there are no guardrails between you and the valley floor below. Trust us. You do not want to get in a car accident on Hart’s Pass.

The highest point is the Slate Peak Lookout which is well over 7,000 feet high. The trek up to Slate Peak may be treacherous, but trust me, the views are more than worth the risk. Just make sure to bring your nerves and some anti-anxiety medication if you’re afraid of heights.

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