Slip and Fall Frequently Asked Questions


How large of a settlement should I receive for my slip and fall accident?

Depending on where your slip and fall occurred and the severity of your injuries, you can expect your settlement to be anywhere from a few thousand dollars all the way up to 6-figures. Slip and fall personal injury claims are notoriously difficult to assess the value of since there are so many different factors involved. If you’re the victim of a slip and fall accident, contact The Advocates today for a free case evaluation. We’ll help you figure out how much compensation you are owed.

What evidence is required to prove a slip and fall accident case?

The best evidence for a slip and fall case is almost certainly video footage of the actual accident. If video footage is impossible to obtain then witness testimony is the next best thing. Comprehensive medical records detailing your injuries in full can also greatly help your case. Photos of your injuries, too, can be helpful, as are photographs of the scene, especially if they show that there were no posted warning signs.

How long does a slip and fall accident case take?

The average personal injury claim takes anywhere from 4 months to several years to settle. The duration depends on whether your case goes to court or not. If your case settles out of court, then the window of time will be short. But if both sides can’t reach a compromise then litigation will be required, and this can bog your case down for months, if not years.

Why should I hire an Advocate to represent my slip and fall accident case?

An attorney with the Advocates is more than a normal slip and fall accident lawyer. What separates the Advocates from other personal injury law firms is our dedication and determination to help our clients make the best recovery possible after they’ve fallen down and were injured by the negligence of another. We take pride in being a voice for our clients in a legal system that favors insurance providers over real people. Our attorneys are experts in Washington State slip and fall accident law and know how to get you maximum compensation for your injuries and losses at the hands of another. Unlike other slip and fall accident attorneys, the Advocates will fight for your case until there are no other options. Where other law firms throw up their hands in defeat if they are unable to negotiate a fair settlement for your claim, the Advocates will press on until there are no legal options remaining. We will take your case all the way to court in order to get you the compensation you deserve. Why settle for second best when an Advocate can take your case? Call our office today at (206) 452-4200 or chat online right now with a live attorney from our homepage. Your slip and fall accident claim deserves an Advocate!

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