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Wrongful Death Is Tragic – You Need An Advocate in Your Corner

Wrongful death is caused by negligence & The Advocates Law can help


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The loss of a loved one is a devastating event.  It can rip a hole into your heart, and leave you feeling helpless and empty. Whether someone dies from old age to a death because of a life ending disease, the loss is never easy.  But losing someone you love suddenly due to another person or company’s negligence can can add additional suffering. The Advocates Law’s personal injury lawyers are here to work tirelessly for you to help make your grieving process a little easier.  The Advocates Law believes in providing complete emotional support for our clients, this is why we are called the “advocates.”

What Is a Wrongful Death?

Any death that can be proven to be caused by the wrongdoing or negligence of another person or party is a wrongful death. In such cases, the deceased’s beneficiaries will be entitled to a financial settlement. Often wrongful death cases involve multiple parties such as businesses, doctors, hospitals, and individuals who may have been responsible for causing the wrongful death.

Some common situations that could lead to a lawsuit are:

  • Carelessness by hospital workers in an emergency that leads to a misdiagnosis, and causes the death of the patient who would have otherwise survived
  • A defective auto part failure, which caused an accident and death
  • Medical mistakes

Wrongful Death Compensation

After the death of a loved one, there are many different factors that come into play to determine the type and degree of compensation you will be entitled to.

Wrongful death compensation is determined by:

  • The deceased’s income
  • The amount of savings he or she had
  • How many dependents the deceased had
  • How much negligence was involved in the wrongful death

Experienced attorneys are best equipped to help award you a fair and just settlement. Wrongful death cases become very intense and emotional, which is another reason a great attorney is crucial to your case. The attorneys at the Advocates Law have decades of experience, and our amazing lawyers have helped hundreds of grieving families win their wrongful death settlements.

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