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There are over 4 million dog bites every year in the United States, and every fifth bite requires costly medical attention.

A dog bite injury can result in costly medical bills and inconvenient injuries. If the dog that injured you is someone’s pet, the dog owner’s home insurance policy is liable for your injuries. Assaulted individuals may be reluctant to file because it is someone they know or are friends with the dog’s owner.  But, the attorneys at the Advocates Law understand these hesitations, and will navigate you through the litigation process in a professional and sensitive manner.

Dog Bite Injury and Dog Bite Laws

In many dog bite cases, the victim provoked the dog, which puts that person at fault. If the facts of the case determine the victim provoked the dog and the dog responded in self-defense, then the victim is to blame despite the injury. Another important factor in determining fault is the age of the victim. Unfortunately, children are commonly bitten by dogs, and often they accidentally provoked the animal. With that said, the treatment of a bite case of a two-year-old would be handled differently than that of a sixteen-year-old. Another factor to consider is where the attack occurred, and if the dog’s owner was present. Most state laws hold the dog owner accountable, but all of the mentioned factors must be considered when analyzing a case. The Advocates Law has experienced lawyers available to consult you about your case for free.

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