Pedestrian Accident Frequently Asked Questions


How large of a settlement should I expect?

The total amount you receive for you pedestrian accident depends on the severity of your injuries and recovery time. Pedestrian accidents are both rare and rather serious. Pedestrians are far more vulnerable since they don’t have the benefit of seat belts and air bags to protect them like car accident victims do. Due to these factors, pedestrian accident victims can expect settlements anywhere in the range of 4 to 7 figures. Settlements are based on medical costs, lost wages, and pain and suffering.

How long will my pedestrian accident case take to resolve?

The short answer is anywhere between 4 months to several years. If your case is clear cut and there are no questions about liability, the at-fault party’s insurance may just settle out of court since they know they lose if a judge or jury gets involved. If your case does go to trial proceedings could be dragged out for years thanks to various legal maneuverings. This is why hiring an attorney is essential for making sure you receive fair compensation for your losses and injuries. Contact The Advocates Law today for a free case evaluation.

How will I pay my medical expenses if the driver who hit me is uninsured?

Unfortunately, you may be out of luck if you’re a pedestrian who was hit by an uninsured motorist. You do have the option of filing a civil lawsuit against the uninsured driver. But oftentimes the reason drivers do not have insurance is because they can not afford it, so they might not have assets to sue over. One option you have to prevent such a nightmare scenario is to get Uninsured Motorist insurance added to your own automobile insurance. This will help you pay your medical bills and cover your lost wages if you are one day struck by an uninsured motorist.

Why should I hire an Advocate to represent me instead of an ordinary pedestrian accident lawyer?

An attorney with the Advocates is not your average pedestrian accident lawyer. What separates the Advocates from other personal injury law firms is our dedication and determination to help our clients make the best recovery possible after they’ve been injured in a pedestrian accident. We take pride in being a voice for our clients in a legal system that too often favors insurance providers over regular people. Our attorneys are experts in Washington State pedestrian accident law and know how to get you maximum compensation for your injuries and losses at the hands of another. Unlike other pedestrian accident attorneys, the Advocates will fight for your case until all other legal options have run out. Where other law firms call it a day if they are unable to negotiate a fair settlement for your claim, the Advocates refuse to give up. We will take your case all the way to a jury to get you the compensation you deserve. Why settle for second best? Call our office today at (206) 452-4200 or chat online right now with a live attorney from our homepage. Your pedestrian accident case deserves an Advocate!

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