Nampa Man Critically Injured in High-Speed Car Chase

nampa idaho car crash

A local Nampa man sustains life-threatening injuries after crashing into a tree late Saturday evening. The driver was found unconscious by police after escaping a high-speed car chase.

According to Nampa Police, the high-speed chase began near 11th Avenue North and Garrity Blvd. The driver, quickly plotting his route, gained a vast amount of speed before plowing through multiple road barriers and business signs, leaving a trail of destruction. Officials say the driver was going well over 80 mph before police reported he was nowhere to be seen.

A few miles down the road, Nampa officials later found the driver passed out in his vehicle. Investigators confirm that the Nampa man must have careened off the side of the road after swiping a business sign. When police officials approached the vehicle, the man was completely unresponsive.

The name of the driver has not yet been released.

It was later reported that the man was taken to a Boise hospital with critical injuries.

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