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Suffering a personal injury due to the negligence of another person can be a traumatic event. Time off from work, lost wages, and mounting medical bills are just a few situations that can create financial hardship. The Advocates Law can help anyone who has been injured determine whether they should seek legal recourse in civil court for the injuries and losses they have incurred. In some cases, where a personal injury victim is deceased or unable to make legal decisions, the victim’s family may pursue a legal case on their behalf.

Best Car Accident Lawyers in All of Washington State

The Advocates Law is based in Seattle and serves the entire State of Washington. Our law firm consists of experienced personal injury lawyers and legal staff who are available 24/7 to help victims. Clients may reach our attorneys on their cell phones or by calling our office.

The personal injury cases the firm handles include:

The Advocates’ Lawyers Can Help Your Personal Injury Case

Individuals and families who are dealing with a personal injury may contact The Advocates Law for a free case evaluation. If you are unable to travel, the firm will send a lawyer to your location. Advantages to enlisting the help of The Advocates include:

  • a potentially larger claim settlement
  • quicker insurance payments
  • help in deferring your medical bills and compensation for medical expenses
  • free legal advice
  • no fees to the client unless your case is successful

The Advocates Law firm has had many satisfied clients and is trusted by the Better Business Bureau. Individuals and families who call The Advocates can feel confident in knowing that their case will be handled with professionalism, expediency, and discretion.

Contact The Advocates Law About Your Accident

Being injured or having a loved one who suffers from a personal injury is stressful enough. If you find yourself in this situation, you don’t have to endure the potentially large expenses and all of the important legal decisions on your own. Having the expertise and diligence of The Advocates can reduce much of the stress produced by your accident. We can do all of the paperwork and negotiating, while you are free to focus your energy on recovery.

Personal injury victims may contact the Advocates Law by phone or via email for a free consultation with an experienced injury attorney. We’re also online! Chat with one of our attorneys today.