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Beaverton Personal Injury Lawyers

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If you have been hurt in a car accident in Beaverton or another type of personal injury accident, you may find your life and finances have been negatively impacted. Expensive medical bills are piling up. Your car might be damaged and you no longer have reliable transportation. Insurance adjusters then begin to call your phone around the clock, urging you to agree to a settlement you feel is far too low. Considering your situation, you likely feel like your life is slowly unraveling with each passing day.

The Advocates understand the struggle you are facing.

Regardless of whether you were injured in a car accident, by a dog bite, or from a slip and fall incident, our attorneys are ready to help you fight the insurance companies to win the settlement you deserve.

Our highly-trained staff can help get your damaged vehicle repaired, gather all of your medical bills, or simply be a friendly ear to listen to your story. Our attorneys are expert negotiators who can accurately value your case and then obtain the best possible settlement based on your unique circumstances. If the insurance companies refuse to negotiate in good faith, our litigation team will file a lawsuit, drag them to court, and win you the recovery your case deserves.

Our No Fee Promise

We take pride in not getting paid unless you do. The Advocates will never charge you hidden fees, upfront costs, or expensive retainers to represent your case. If we don’t win, you won’t owe us a dime in attorney fees. That’s our promise to you and your family.

The Advocates are ready to serve clients in Beaverton and all throughout Oregon State. Our staff is prepared to meet you wherever you are located. That’s how dedicated The Advocates are to you and your recovery. Our mission is to help our clients however we can.

Call and find out how The Advocates can help with your personal injury claim. Get a free consultation today!

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