An Outstanding First Year for The Advocates Spokane

The first year for The Advocates Spokane has been full of building relationships, building a practice, and advocating and winning for our clients. We quickly grew from a single attorney to 8 people in the office who work on every aspect of a case: from answering phone calls to managing medical bills and communicating with clients.

The Advocates go above and beyond for our clients:

In the first 12 months, we’ve been building relationships with the community, medical providers, and the legal community. As a result, we have become a trusted firm for providers to refer clients to and local attorneys have turned to us for help with large and difficult cases. We’ve partnered with a local non-profit to further their mission of caring for the Spokane community, and over 80 injured clients have hired us for help fighting insurance companies.

Our team works to exceed expectations for our clients by delivering more than just legal assistance. We have supported clients in need with gift cards for groceries, gas, and Christmas presents.

The Advocates are a trusted source of help for other lawyers:

Local personal injury lawyers have turned to the Advocates for help with larger and more complex cases resulting in recovering larger settlements on behalf of clients. Local attorneys who don’t do personal injury work have referred clients to the Advocates for help with their injury claim.
Our firm is quickly developing a strong reputation and continues to prove our excellence by delivering outstanding results for clients.

The Advocates team works to together to resolve cases:

During our first year, our team has sent more that 600 requests for medical records to prove our clients’ injuries to the insurance companies. The team has made over 15,000 phone calls to clients, and on behalf of clients, resulting in cases that are continually moving forward. Most importantly, the Spokane office has recovered over $1 million for our clients in the first year.

Obtaining outstanding results:

At the end of the day, the best way to serve our clients is by ensuring they receive maximum compensation for their injuries and losses. These three instances highlight our firm’s outsized results:

  • Helped a pianist recover a superb resolution after she fell and shattered her elbow, requiring two surgeries. Initially, the insurance company said the property owner wasn’t responsible and denied her claim. But, The Advocates provided evidence to show they were responsible and the insurance company ultimately offered a 6-figure settlement. The client said, “The Advocates has changed my life.”
  • Obtained a rare settlement for an amount above the policy limits because the insurance company acted unfairly and we held them accountable.
  • Worked tirelessly for 5 months to help a blue-collar client get out from under $74,000 of illegally billed medical bills. This resulted in our client recovering nearly 4 times more than she would have otherwise.

Despite these phenomenal achievements for clients in Eastern Washington and Northern Idaho, The Advocates in Spokane are just getting started. We are working to become the preeminent personal injury law firm in Eastern Washington. We are constantly on the look out for ways to serve our community, seek justice for our clients, and hold insurance companies accountable.