Top 5 Worst Accidents In Idaho History

Author: Anthony Johnson Date: December 16, 2020

While accident fatalities have decreased nationwide, Idaho has seen a shocking increase in some of the worst accidents over the last few years. In 2015, Idaho car accident fatalities doubled in percentage. In just the first week of June 2018, there were over 7 accident fatalities.

Being involved in an accident is one of the scariest moments of a person’s life. Here at The Advocates, our personal injury attorneys understand the difficulties that subsequently follow once an accident occurs, such as the physical and emotional pain. We’ve provided a list below, including five of the worst accidents in Idaho, in hopes to bring awareness to negligent driving.

1. Two Locomotives Crash Head-On, Leaving 3 Deadworst accidents idaho

Back in January of 1949, a horrific locomotive train crash was the talk of the decade in American Falls, Idaho. The accident involved two Union-Pacific freight trains carrying large amounts of produce and other cargo. The trains collided head-on with each other, sending over 20 cars right off the tracks, including both of the locomotives. Several parts of the locomotives burst into flames.

It was reported that three people were left dead: the engineer, a fireman and the brakeman. While it may be rare, train accidents do occur. Whenever you’re crossing train-tracks, be sure to only cross the tracks when they are cleared and the red signals are NOT flashing.

2. Eleven People Injured After Driver Plowed into Crowd

In September of 2017, 11 people were injured and taken to nearby hospitals after a man drove his Porsche through a Boise crowd. The city was hosting its monthly Cars and Coffee event one Saturday morning before the crowd was left in pure terror. As the event was ending, a man, in a sick attempt to impress the crowd with his Porsche, sped right through the herds of frightened people.

Bystanders screamed and shouted for him to slow down but it was too late, and he had already struck 11 people, including several children. Though no one was left in critical condition, amongst those suffering injuries, all were taken to the hospital.

3. Interstate 84 Crash Kills Two, 3 Flown to Hospital

A six-vehicle accident was the beginning to a gruesome car accident month in June 2018. The six-car pileup occurred on Interstate 84 just east of Jerome. The crash essentially came down to the fault of one person, a man driving in the wrong lane. Brian Trappen was driving a Ford F250 pickup heading east in the westbound lanes. In an attempt to avoid his negligent behavior, a Dodge Caravan quickly swerved out of his way and into oncoming traffic of the eastbound lanes, which caused even more damage.

Within seconds of darting into oncoming traffic, the caravan was then struck by a semi-truck and ended up side-swiping another vehicle. One of the cars back in the westbound lanes didn’t have time to avoid Trappen’s Ford F250 and collided head-on with his vehicle. Two of the accident victims in the caravan passed away at the scene of the crash, whereas several others were transported by helicopters to nearby hospitals.

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4. Youth Rafting Trip Left One Dead, Six Kids Injured

Accidents are terrifying and being a child in an accident can be even more traumatic. With this car accident in particular, there two vehicles were involved, a car and a passenger van. The passenger van included two adults and six children who were headed on a rafting trip. But, in a quick attempt to merge onto Highway 55, a female driver brought their rafting trip to a sudden end. The woman driving the other vehicle in the accident failed to yield and was immediately struck by the passenger van carrying the two adults and six children.

The accident occurred at the intersection of Highway 55 and Banks-Lowman Road. Kristine Stapleton, the driver of the other vehicle, succumbed to her injuries at the scene of the crash. It was noted that everyone was wearing seat-belts at the time of the accident. The children were all taken to the hospital right away, but none of them suffered serious injuries.

5. Couple Warns Police Night Before 7-Car Pileup

Construction complications were more than just a problem near the Cloverdale overpass on Interstate 84, they were a red flag. In fact, the night before one of Idaho’s deadliest car accidents, a couple called and told police that vehicles were flying down closed lanes and that it was “an accident waiting to happen.” The couple was right. Hours later, four people were killed in a 7-car pileup. Accident witnesses said that this didn’t just sound like a crash, it sounded like a massive explosion.

The crash initially began when a semi-truck driver failed to slow down for construction that was marked ahead. The truck driver’s sheer negligence and failure to slow down his vehicle is what caused the fiery pileup, leaving four people dead. Perhaps one of the worst accidents in Idaho history, this one also occurred in June of 2018.

While it’s shocking to think that horrific accidents occur in such a rural, scenic state, Idaho has seen some of the worst accidents yet. Accidents aren’t anything to mess around with. Our accident attorneys have helped thousands of personal injury victims return their lives back to normal after an accident occurs. Our attorneys at The Advocates are here to help you with your personal injury case. Call us for a FREE case evaluation at (208)-291-5993 or speak to one our attorneys in a live chat on our homepage. You deserve an Advocate!

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