7 Holiday Travel Tips to Keep You Safe

Author: Anthony Johnson Date: December 18, 2018

Most people think of the holidays as a time of cheer, family visits, and endless parties. But a downside to the holidays is being stuck in deadlocked traffic or waiting for hours in a cramped airport terminal. Without a doubt, traveling has to be the worst part of the holidays each and every year.

One way to stay safe and sane this holiday season is to follow these 7 holiday safety tips. These tips will not only make your holidays safer, but stress free as well.

1. Sleep is the Best Gift to Give Yourself

With so many holiday parties and events on your calendar, it may be tempting to skip a few hours of sleep here and there. In the long-run, though, this is a huge mistake. Sleep is especially important if you are traveling a long distance during the holidays. One of the most common causes of car accidents is drowsy drivers who can’t keep their eyes open and on the road, where they belong. So, be sure to get some shut-eye this holiday season. Nobody wants to spend Christmas in an emergency room.

2. Watch Out for Speed Traps

It sure can be tempting to do a little Speed Racer action when you hit the road over the holidays. But you should know that traffic police are usually out in force during the holiday and they love nothing more than to hand out tickets to bargain-hunting shoppers in a rush or road-trippers trying to get out of town as quickly as possible. The best way to avoid speed traps is to simply follow the posted speed limit and to obey any and all traffic laws. No department store bargain is worth the hefty fines traffic cops hand out over the holidays.

3. Perform a Maintenance Check of Your  Vehicle

Performing a maintenance checkup on your automobile sometime in early November is one of the best ways to ensure your vehicle won’t suddenly break down during the holiday season. With winter approaching, be sure to check the levels of your antifreeze, if your windshield wipers are functioning properly, and the air pressure and treat of our tires. You should also make sure your car has a working jack and a spare tire in the trunk. If you live in an area that gets snowfall each year, you should probably invest in a hardy pair of snow chains. You wouldn’t want to get stuck on the side of the road in the middle of a nasty winter storm.

4. Holiday Travel on the Actual Holiday

Few people take advantage of this next tip. Waiting to travel on the actual holiday, itself, is a great way to avoid getting stuck in bumper-to-bumper traffic. By the time Thanksgiving, Christmas, and New Years finally roll around, most people who travel during the holidays are already where they plan to be, leaving the roads and airport terminal largely vacant. Traveling on the day of the holiday can also save you some money since ticket prices usually plunge on holidays

have already reached their holiday destination of choice, so the roads and airports should be mostly free of travelers. Traveling on the day of a holiday is also a great way to save a little money on plane fares during a time when ticket prices are usually soaring.

5. Wash Your Hands Again and Again

Experienced travelers should know this tip all too well. Clean hands mean a clean bill of health, especially during the holidays. The holidays are a time when more and more people crowd in doors to both escape the cold and to attend all the holiday parties on their calendar. Multiple studies have shown that viruses like the common cold are spread more during the winter months due to how people spend more time in doors cramped in enclosed spaces with other people. Whether it be a Christmas barber shop quartet, a holiday party at an office, or a jam-packed public mall, it’s highly likely that at some point you’ll find yourself wedged into a roomful of people this winter, many of whom may be sniffling, sneezing, and coughing. Washing or sanitizing your hands is the best way to avoid contracting a nasty cold from a hearty handshake or a close hug. Nothing can derail your holiday plans like a particularly nasty cold.

6. Don’t Get Swindled at the Gas Pump

Every year around the holidays you may notice gas prices begin to creep up and up. During this time of year, gas station owners love to hike up their fuel prices in order to cash in on the increase of people hitting the road for the holidays. If you are one of the millions traveling by car for the holidays then there are a few tips you can follow to avoid getting gouged at the gas pump. One way is to wait until you leave city limits to fill up. Gas prices are much cheaper in rural areas than they are in urban gas stations. Filling up on a Tuesday or Wednesday instead of the weekend is another way to get cheaper gas since prices typically rise on the weekends. And don’t hesitate to fill up your tank if you come across a great deal. You’d be wise to never look a gift gas pump in the nozzle.

7. Never Eggnog and Drive

This tip really should be followed by everyone year-round. No one should drink alcohol and then get behind the wheel. Intoxicated driving is one of the leading causes for car-related deaths in the United States. And with so many ride-sharing companies competing to ferry people back and forth, there’s really no reason why anyone should get behind the wheel after they’ve had one too many eggnog beverages. So, do yourself and everyone else a favor and just call a Lyft to get home safely this holiday season.

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