Determining Settlement Amounts: How Much For a Motorcycle Accident?

Author: Anthony Johnson Date: December 18, 2020

While riding a motorcycle about town or down a winding country road can be a fun, such past-times can be dangerous. Since motorcycles don’t have anywhere near the same safety features the average car or truck offers, many riders suffer grave injuries when they are involved in a motorcycle accident.

Due to the serious injuries motorcycle accidents cause their victims, it’s common for them to wonder just how much their motorcycle crash case is worth in the state of Idaho. Thankfully, this guide helps explain all there is to know by looking at the various factors that come into play when tabulating an eventual motorcycle accident settlement.

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Motorcycle Accident Compensation: Liability Issues

One of the biggest hurdles victims face during the aftermath of their accident is the preconceived bias that, being a motorcyclist, they are to blame for their accident. Unfortunately, motorcycle riders have earned the notoriety of being reckless speed demons who flagrantly ignore traffic laws. But it’s not fair for all motorcycle riders to be saddled with such an unfair reputation. The majority of motorcycle riders are upstanding motorists who are often more cautious than the average motorist. Responsible motorcycle riders know all too well the potential dangers associated with regularly riding a motorcycle.

It is because of this reputation that insurance adjusters often low-ball motorcycle crash victims who make an injury claim. And juries, too, might reduce possible settlement verdicts based solely on an unfair stigma. This is why it is so very important for motorcycle accident victims to build the best personal injury case possible if they ever hope to recover what they are owed according to the law.

Common Factors of an Idaho Motorcycle Accident Settlement

A number of factors go into calculating a motorcycle accident settlement. The final settlement amount for any given motorcycle crash is based upon the extent of the injuries suffered by the victim as well as any losses inflicted upon their well-being and lifestyle. The following factors are the best way to prove damages suffered from a motorcycle accident.

Motorcycle Crash Medical Bills

The most essential factor in proving physical injuries suffered during a motorcycle accident is a comprehensive collection of detailed medical records. Since motorcycle riders don’t have seat belts and air bags to keep them safe in the event of a collision, motorcycle crash victims often suffer serious injuries. Medical bills are the best way to put an exact dollar amount to the damage caused by a motorcycle accident.

Since motorcycle crash victims so often suffer major injuries, such as spinal injuries or head trauma, long-term care and rehabilitation may be required. These future costs are typically included in any potential motorcycle accident settlement.

Wages Lost Following a Motorcycle Accident

When motorcycle crash victims are too injured to work, they lose out on much-needed income. Unlike victims of car accidents, motorcycle accident victims frequently require additional time to recover. While some victims may not even be able to return to work at all.

Thankfully, any lost wages as a result of a motorcycle accident can be compensated for out of an eventual settlement. If a motorcycle accident victim is unable to continue working at the job they held before their accident then their future earning capacity will be tabulated and added to the total settlement amount.

Motorcycle Accident General Damages (Pain and Suffering)

The most subjective factor in determining the value of a motorcycle accident claim is that of general damages. General damages is the part of a motorcycle accident settlement that includes compensation for losses such as pain and suffering. A bad enough motorcycle accident can leave victims with long-term psychological damage, like PTSD or an aversion to motorcycles or driving, and general damages is how such injuries and conditions are compensated for.

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Motorcycle accidents don’t solely affect victims who have been injured, but the people around them, as well. If a motorcycle crash victim was the primary provider for their family, then general damages is where familial compensation is found. One example of general damages set aside to compensate relations to a victim is a loss of consortium claim. When a marriage is irreparably damaged due to a particularly devastating motorcycle crash, the spouse of the accident victim may file a loss of consortium claim in the hopes of receiving compensation for the damage that person’s life and future have suffered. Any compensation earmarked for a loss of consortium claim will be included in the general damages portion of a motorcycle accident settlement.

Property Damage

The last major factor used to calculate a motorcycle accident settlement is the amount of damage caused to the victim’s property, i.e. the victim’s motorcycle. Since the majority of motorcycle crashes are destructive, victims’ motorcycles are oftentimes left totaled and unable to be repaired. The property damage portion of a motorcycle accident settlement is where victims are compensated for the loss of their vehicles. Instead of receiving the full value of their motorcycle, however, victims are compensated with the Kelley blue book value, which takes into consideration the age, use, and quality of the motorcycle at the time of the accident.

What is the Average Settlement for an Idaho Motorcycle Accident?

Since no two motorcycle accidents are the same, no two motorcycle accident settlements ever end up the same either. A commonly cited study about the median motorcycle accident verdict puts the total at $561,065 between the years 1999 and 2006. While this number is strictly for motorcycle crash verdicts decided by a jury, it does shine a light on how much motorcycle accident claims can ultimately be worth when push comes to shove.

While a half-million verdict may be eye-popping for most victims, it should be understood that this average is only possible due to the successful litigation of an experienced vehicle accident lawyer. No one understands the ins and outs of a motorcycle accident claim quite like a seasoned personal injury attorney. So if you’ve been injured in a motorcycle accident caused by another person, you should consider finding the best personal injury lawyer or motorcycle accident attorney you can find.

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