The Ultimate Guide to the Most Dangerous Car Accidents

Author: Anthony Johnson Date: November 30, 2018

No two car accidents are the same. Some accidents are far deadlier than others. The severity of any particular crash has to do with the speed of the vehicles involved, as well as their make and model, and whether the victims involved were wearing seat belts or not. So much depends on how safe you drive and what protections your automobile offers. A combination of these factors are what causes the most dangerous car accidents.

It’s also helpful to understand just what accidents and situations are the most dangerous so you can change your driving habits accordingly. The following list of the top 5 most dangerous car accidents will help you better protect yourself while driving in the future.

5. Rear-end Accidents

Rear-end accidents may seem minor in the immediate aftermath, little more than minor fender benders, but such accidents often cause long term damage to the spine and neck. It is common for victims to experience chronic pain from injuries such as whiplash. If you’ve been in a rear end collision you should visit your doctor to determine if you’ve been injured or not since symptoms might not manifest for days or even weeks following your accident.

4. Head-on Collisions

One of the most dangerous car accidents is a head-on crash. Head-on crashes cause severe injuries and even death in some cases. The reason why head-on accidents are so dangerous is due to the combined speed of the vehicles involved. If both vehicles were driving at 50 miles per hour, the impact speed of the crash would an astounding 100 miles per hour, more than enough to cause serious damage and injuries.

Indeed, head-on crashes are so dangerous that they make up nearly 10% of all automobile related deaths. The best way you can avoid being seriously injured in a head-on accident is to remember to always wear a seat belt and to only drive vehicles with functioning airbags. Remember, safety first.

3. Rollover Crashes

Just like head-on collisions, rollover crashes are one of the deadliest accidents you can be involved in. Almost 11% of automobile deaths are caused by rollover crashes. Unfortunately, some vehicles are far more prone to suddenly rolling over during a collision than others, such as large trucks and SUVs.

There are few safety protections to prevent injury in a rollover accident. Victims are frequently tossed about during such a crash and can even be thrown completely from a vehicle. The best way to prevent being involved in a rollover accident is to drive a vehicle that has a high rollover safety rating. Those spacious SUVs may be comfortable, but they tip over like soda machines in the event of a collision.

2. Side Impact Collisions

Unlike the front and back crashes, side impact collisions don’t allow for much protection if you are suddenly broadsided or even t-boned. In fact, side impact crashes are so dangerous that they make up 21% of automobile fatalities. The most common places side impact accidents occur are in parking lots, busy intersections, or on multi-lane roads where vehicles frequently pass each other.

More and more, car and truck manufacturers are doing their best to include side airbags and reinforced doors that can help reduce fatalities from side impact collisions. So, make sure you check what safety protections are included with your vehicle before driving off the dealership lot.

1. Off-The-Road Accidents

Easily one of the most dangerous car accidents is when a vehicle, for whatever reason, loses control, drives off the side of the road, and smashes into another object, like a concrete barrier or a utility pole. Making up a full 32% of all car accident fatalities, off-the-road crashes are extremely deadly.

Off-the-road accidents are mostly caused by rainy or snowy weather, nodding off while driving, being distracted by a cell phone or a passenger, and, of course, driving while intoxicated. The best way you can prevent being hurt in an off-the-road accident is to be alert to what is going on around you as you drive, to never drink and drive, and to pull over if you begin to feel sleepy. You should also never use your cell phone while driving. No text is worth your life.

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