What are the First Steps to Take When Someone You Love is Injured in a Vehicle Accident?

vehicle accidentIf you find yourself the unlucky relative of someone who has been injured in a vehicle accident, I am sorry. It is rough. I hope everyone recovers, and can move on. Good luck. Remember that an Advocate is available any time day or night.

Do What You Can to Help but Let the Medical Staff Work

When someone you love is rushed to the ICU due to a vehicle accident, it can be terrifying and heartbreaking. Just remember everyone involved is doing the best they can. In that moment trust the professionals around you and do what they ask. Don’t trust Google more than a medical professional. Do not make that same mistake at the hospital. Provide support but let the staff work.

Get Some Self Care

If you have spent the last two or three days in the hospital take a deep breath and take a second to take care of yourself. You cannot take care of anyone else or their problems until you take care of yourself. Take a nap. Take a shower. Charge your phone. Eat. Call your spouse. Check on your kids.

Keep It Off Social Media

In the moments when you feel like your life is falling down around you, you may feel tempted to post all the gory details of the accident on Facebook and Instagram for all the world to see so that can receive community support. Do yourself a favor. You can post that you need support but leave details, and photographs off the Internet.

If your case ends up in litigation, insurance companies, opposing parties, and other attorneys can use the statements you posted and the pics you snapped against you later to twist your words and make you look like a liar even though you never meant such a thing.

Calm Your Litigious Anger for Half a Second

I know. I am a personal injury attorney, and I just told you hold your horses. Let that sink in. There is a time and place for lawyers and litigation. It is not in the immediate aftermath of a vehicle accident while you are dealing with devastation in an intensive care unit. Deal with the tough stuff first. Get a grip. Listen to the doctors. Wait for surgeries. Focus on medical care.

My Loved One was Injured in a Vehicle Accident

After you have dealt with the shock of the vehicle accident, then you call an attorney. An Advocate is available to talk about your case 24-7. The attorney available to speak with you will better be able to evaluate your case if you have some information to share.

It helps to have a police report and medical records so you can tell the attorney a story. In Washington, the statute of limitations on most personal injury actions is three years. Waiting a week or two for things to calm down most likely will not damage your case.

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