Bicycle Accidents in Seattle Washington

Author: Fernando Jimenez Date: September 3, 2014

When a Bicyclist and Car Share the Road

Whether riding for exercise, sport or simply for recreation, bicycle riders are at high risk for injury whenever they share the road with cars. If an accident happens to you, how will you cover your medical expenses? What if the driver who hit you flees the scene? When it comes to bicycle accidents, our lawyers have the experience you need to make sure you are taken care of and compensated for your injuries.

Bicycle Accidents 101

The majority of bicycle accident injuries happen in urban areas due to the increased use of bicycles in these areas. The severity of injuries in a bike accident normally increases according to the speed of the cyclist. Accidents with children on bicycles, especially when those accidents involve a motor vehicle, are exceptionally prone to injury. Statistics, also, show that males are more likely to be injured in a bicycle accident than females.

Bicycle accident statistics state that injuries are more likely to occur on certain types of roadways. Almost two-thirds of bike accident injuries or fatalities occur in intersections, with T intersections appearing to be the most dangerous places for cyclists, followed by roundabouts.

An injury lawyer at the Advocates Law has experience in a wide variety of injury cases including bicycle accidents. This experience has proven invaluable for clients as our attorneys negotiate, litigate, and defend their client’s rights. If you have experienced a bicycle accident injury, contact the bike accident attorneys at the Advocates Law.

What to Do Following a Bicycle Accident

Every accident is unique. This is especially true for car-bike accidents. If it happens to you, no matter how minor it may seem, remain on the scene until police arrive. If you leave the scene, getting the driver’s information may not be enough to settle your case. Many people involved in car-bicycle accidents don’t realize they are injured because of adrenaline and other factors.  Sometimes, what seems to be only a minor injury, turns out to be a serious disability.

At the scene of the accident, never discuss who was at fault or apologize. This advice can be hard to follow, but if you need to seek a bicycle accident claim, apologizing at the scene could jeopardize your case.

If possible, get any information you can from witnesses and the driver. If you do need to make a bicycle accident claim, this information will be vital to your case. Document as best as you can what happened and the extent of your injuries (photos, video, etc.), which will be prove especially beneficial to your attorney and to your case.

Finally, you should seek knowledgeable legal help for your bike accident. Contact the Advocates Law for a free consultation.

How The Advocates Can Help You

After a bicycle accident, you may have a lot of questions surrounding insurance coverage. The chances of a bicyclist being injured in a collision with a car are extremely high. You need to make sure you have a way to pay for your potential medical costs. The Advocates Law has expert bicycle accident attorneys who are experienced and can help you get the money you deserve.

The Advocates are personal injury attorneys in Seattle, Washington. The Advocates Law has a proven track record of helping injured accident victims receive compensation for their injuries so they may cover medical costs, lost wages, and other expenses. Our bicycle accident lawyers can alleviate the stress of your accident by:

  • Deferring medical expenses
  • Recovering of lost wages
  • Making themselves available to you on nights and weekends
  • Paying nothing until they win your case
  • Assisting with your property damage claim
  • Getting fair compensation for accident victims because of experience

If you have questions about specifics as they relate to your accident, contact the bicycle accident lawyers at the Advocates Law. We are available 24 hours per day, 7 days a week to answer questions and assist you with a variety of services to aid in your recovery. Our attorneys are dedicated to protecting the rights of accident victims across the state of Washington. We offer our bicycle accident lawyers services in the state of Washington including Seattle, Tacoma, Auburn, Everett, Federal Way, Kent, Renton, and the surrounding areas.

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