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Portland Slip and Fall Lawyers

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Slip and Fall Injuries Can Be Serious

In many instances, the consequences of a slip and fall accident can be severe. Even a fall that seems trivial at the time may lead to long-term health issues and significant medical expenses. Quite often, those who experience such accidents can require extensive rehab, physical therapy, or even surgical procedures. Furthermore, some slip and fall incidents can result in critical head injuries that might have life altering consequences.

If you have been severely injured in such an accident, it is imperative to seek immediate medical care. It is always better to err on the side of caution with such injuries. Additionally, it is often not advisable to handle the post-accident legalities single-handedly. You’ll benefit from the representation of a seasoned Portland slip and fall lawyer who can protect your rights and help you secure the best possible compensation for your injuries.

The Portland Slip and Fall Lawyers at The Advocates Can Help

Choosing an experienced slip and fall lawyer can significantly increase your chances of success in your lawsuit against the accused party’s insurance agency. If an incident such as slipping on a store’s wet floor has resulted in injury, the store’s insurance may be held accountable if they failed to issue adequate warnings. Without a competent lawyer specializing in slip and fall cases, you may find yourself at a disadvantage against an insurance company’s formidable legal arsenal. More often than not, representing yourself results in inferior settlement offers.

Uncovering liability is often the most challenging part of a slip and fall case. An example is slipping on an icy sidewalk. If said sidewalk is adjacent to a private property, the property owner might be liable as many municipalities compel homeowners to either clear or de-ice their sidewalks. Legislation in these areas usually places the burden of slip and fall incidents due to uncleared sidewalks squarely on the property or business owner.

If liability isn’t clear, our experienced Portland slip and fall lawyers can assist you in identifying who should be held accountable for your accident. If your injury took place in a public space, for instance, a park or over a damaged pavement, the city might be the responsible party. However, these cases can often be complex. For instance, if a property owner neglected to alert the city about a damaged sidewalk, they may share responsibility. Many slip and fall cases occur due to lackadaisical maintenance by the property owner or a negligent approach to customer safety by businesses. These injuries can be severe, and in extreme cases, potentially fatal. Slip and fall accidents can also lead to financial hardship, with medical bills exceeding thousands of dollars and significant lost income due to time off work.

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The Advocates Are Your Portland Slip and Fall Lawyers

If you experience injuries following a slip and fall injury that could have been prevented, here are some of the things you should do:

  • Obtain immediate medical attention for any injuries

  • Fill out a report with local authorities

  • Get a free case evaluation to determine any legal options available

Our experienced slip and fall lawyers can help you get the maximum compensation for any injuries. Call The Portland Advocates today for a free consultation. If you decide to hire us, there’s never any cost to you until we win and there’s money in your pocket. Call now. You deserve an Advocate!

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