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If you or a loved one has recently been bitten by a dog, The Advocates in Spokane are ready to help.

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The Advocates in Spokane have extensive experience in dog related accidents, and the skills needed to win maximum compensation for the injuries and losses you have suffered from a dog attack.

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The Advocates know how to win you the settlement your case deserves according to Washington State law. When you hire The Advocates to represent your case, you are choosing one of the most experienced and qualified teams in all of Spokane.

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Determining Liability After Dog Bites

Dog bite claims can be extremely complex. Sorting out issues like determining liability, understanding insurance policies, and recovering any lost wages resulting from your injuries can be difficult to do on your own. An experienced dog bite lawyer can explain all you need to know about building a strong claim.

Washington is a “strict liability” state. This means that as long as you or the person injured in the dog attack did not provoke the animal, nor were you trespassing on someone else’s property, then the dog owner is liable for any damages caused by the dog’s bites. All you need to determine this liability is proof that the dog bite did indeed cause you injuries.

Since most dog bites occur in the home of a friend, neighbor, or family member, many dog bite victims are hesitant to pursue an insurance claim. We get it. Nobody wants to sue a friend. What most people don’t know is that in the state of Washington, the dog bite owner’s homeowners insurance policy is what will compensate you for your injuries and losses. Thankfully, homeowners insurance generally covers any dog bite by the policy holder’s dog. Getting an insurance company to cover these types of claims usually isn’t the problem.

Our dog bite injury lawyers will conduct a thorough investigation to help you determine who is liable and exactly what insurance coverage applies for your particular dog bite attack.

Dog Bite Injury FAQ

Dog Bite Stats & Laws

Annually, dog bites cost up to $500 million in damages, including hospital visits and time missed from work.Whatever type of dog bite you are victim of, The Advocates know how to win you the settlement your case deserves according to Washington State law.

If you’ve been bitten by a dog in Washington State, there are a few key things to know. The most important is that, like many personal injury claims, dog bite lawsuits are time-sensitive. It is necessary for you to file your dog bite claim within the first three years following the date of the incident.

In Washington State, if you’re forced to miss work due to a serious dog bite injury, you may be entitled to compensation for any lost wages and damages suffered from the attack. Retrieving workers compensation for an unwarranted dog attack can feel like a huge hassle. No one should have to go through the aftermath of a dog bite on their own. Our team of Advocates will help you every step of the way.

  • Each year, the average american has a one in fifty chance of being bitten by a dog.
  • 1 in 5 dog bite injuries produce infections.
  • The average medical cost for dog bite treatment is around $18,200.
  • Each year, more than 4.5 million Americans fall victim to dog bites and attacks.
  • While most attacks are attributed to breeds like pit bulls and rottweilers, it’s important to know that gentle-looking dogs can attack without warning too.

Since 1993, the experienced personal injury attorneys at The Advocates have helped hundreds of dog bite victims recover compensation for their injuries. We have handled numerous dog bite claims and negotiated with insurance companies to get personal injury victims fair settlements for their losses.

We Don’t Get Paid Until You Do

We take pride in not getting paid until you do. The Advocates will never charge you hidden fees, upfront costs, or expensive retainers to represent your case. If we don’t win, you won’t owe us a dime in attorney fees. That’s our promise to you and your family.

The Advocates believe in open and honest communication with our clients. We promise to answer all your legal questions and keep you informed about any and all developments in your case. You should never hesitate to pick up the phone to call us about your dog bite accident claim. We take client communication seriously, and even if you’re not a client yet, consultations are always free and we’re here to help anyone that’s been injured figure out the best path forward.

You Deserve an Advocate for Your Spokane Dog Bite

The Advocates will be your best ally in restoring your life to how it was before your accident by:

  • Obtaining maximum compensation for your injuries
  • Building the strongest dog injury claim possible
  • Compiling your comprehensive medical records
  • Speaking with your employer about missed work

No one should navigate the justice system on their own. Not only is it better to focus all your energy on making a full recovery, but injured parties without legal representation typically only get fractions of the compensation due.

The Advocates know all too well how unfairly insurance companies treat accident victims. Insurance providers will often deny legitimate injury claims for any reason possible, such as pre-existing injuries or liability concerns. Don’t let the insurance companies cheat you out of a fair settlement. Hire an Advocate and make them pay the compensation your case deserves.

If you’ve been injured in a dog attack, you need the best representation available in the Spokane Valley. What you need is an Advocate on your side. Our Spokane attorneys are ready to listen to your story, assess the value of your accident claim, and then negotiate a just settlement for the injuries and losses you have suffered. Don’t wait to call our Spokane office for a free evaluation.

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