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Renton Truck Accident Lawyers

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If you've been injured in an accident involving a commercial truck, you want the best Renton truck accident lawyers available. What you need is an Advocate on your side!

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According to the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA) semi-trucks were involved 116,353 accidents in 2022. Of those, approximately 30% resulted in injuries.

Due to the heavy weight of commercial trucks and the frequent high speeds, semi-truck accidents tend to be significantly more deadly than a typical motor vehicle accident. In fact, although under 3% of all vehicular accidents involve a large truck, accidents involving a large truck account for 12.5% of all motor vehicle fatalities. This is why injuries sustained from an accident with a commercial truck often necessitate the assistance of experience truck accident lawyers with a strong grasp of all legal options available.

In order to make a full recovery, it would be wise to consult with a truck accident lawyer in the early aftermath of your crash. Our accident attorneys are not just committed to helping you have the best recovery possible, we’re committed to providing you with a free, no risk consultation so you can decide how to proceed and what’s going to be best for you.

Our team works on a contingency basis and will never require payment until your case is resolved.

Why an Experienced Truck Accident Lawyer is Essential

The attorneys at The Advocates are adept at handling commercial vehicle accident claims and understand the often complex nuances of accidents involving semi-trucks. Dealing with truck collision injury claims is a challenging process, given the multitude of parties implicated (the driver, the freight company, the business renting the truck), determining the actual culpable party in a truck accident can pose a formidable challenge. Our award-winning team is committed to making every involved party responsible for any damages you or your loved ones suffered as a result of their negligence.

The following are a few examples of the damages The Advocates can help you recover:

  • Medical costs

  • Property damage

  • Lost wages

  • Pain and suffering

  • Loss of consortium

  • And much more…

With The Advocates on your side, our team will help you maximize compensation for any injuries sustained in a truck accident.

Open Communication with Your Renton Truck Accident Lawyers

When you work with an Advocate after your truck accident, you’re getting an ally committed to your full recovery. Our attorneys know just how dangerous truck accidents can be for the average motorist. If you have a question about your case, our team is there for you every step of the way. The Advocates believe in open and honest communication with our clients. We promise to answer all of your legal questions and keep you informed of any and all developments in your case. We take client communication seriously at the Advocates, and do our best to be available and responsive to not just the clients we represent, but anyone in need of legal assistance.

There’s a reason why we call ourselves the Advocates. We care deeply about the clients we work with and will do everything we can to help them obtain the best recovery possible. Our truck lawyers take pride in the fact that we treat every client as if they were our one and only client. This is the Advocates’ way. Your needs and the needs of your recovery are our top priority. As a client of the Advocates, you’ll never be just one case out of thousands.

Get a Free Evaluation of Your Truck Accident Injury Claim

If you’ve been injured in a collision involving a semi-truck or a commercial vehicle, you want just compensation for the injuries and losses you’ve suffered. Serious accidents require serious litigators, and The Advocates’ history of successful litigation not only raises the floor on settlement offers early in the process, it allows your legal team to leverage actual trial experience to appropriately value your accident claim and push the insurance companies involved toward a fair resolution.

Contact the Advocates to get a free case evaluation today! Our attorneys work on a contingency basis, which means we don’t get paid until you do. You can call our office any time for a free consultation about your unique situation. You deserve an Advocate!

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