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Renton Dog Bite Lawyers

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A Renton Dog Bite Lawyer Can Help with Your Injury Claim

If you’ve suffered injury from another person’s dog, you may be entitled to compensation according to Washington State law. The attorneys with The Advocates are experts at helping victims navigate the complex legal proceedings required to obtain just compensation following a dog bite. Oftentimes, dog bite victims may be reluctant to file an injury claim due to a fear of suing their friend, family member, or neighbor. The Advocates understand the difficulty of your situation and know best how to proceed delicately and with discretion. You never have to worry with an Advocate on your side.

The attorneys with The Advocates have the experience you need to successfully settle your dog bite injury for maximum compensation. Dog bite injury claims can quickly become complicated matters due to the participants involved. The majority of dog bites typically involve an animal owned by a friend or family member, and nobody wants to sue someone in their social circle. What you need is an attorney who understands the sensitivity of your situation and will do whatever possible to proceed diplomatically and with understanding. What you need is an Advocate!

Below are just a few ways The Advocates can help your dog bite case:

  • Our Attorneys Have Recovered Over $400 Million for Our Clients
  • You Won’t Pay a Dime in Attorney Fees Unless We Settle Your Case
  • Open Communication with Your Advocate
  • Spanish-Speaking Attorneys Available

Most Common Dog Bite Injury Questions

Dog bite injuries can cause complex legal issues for victims. Here are a few of the most common topics dog bite victims have questions about:

  • Washington State Dog Bite Laws
  • Homeowner Insurance Policies
  • Strict Liability Explainer
  • Hospital and Medical Bills
  • Your Legal Rights and Options
  • The Potential Value of Your Case
  • Types of Compensation You May Recover

For obvious reasons, some dog bite victims feel reluctant to pursue an injury claim against a person they know well. What most don’t know is that they are not filing a claim against a friend or family member but that person’s homeowner insurance policy. When you hire The Advocates to represent your legal interests, we promise to handle your case with the consideration, expertise, and diligence your case deserves. Over the years, our attorneys have handled thousands of dog bite injury cases and take pride in being as invested in our clients’ recovery as they are. With an Advocate on your side, you’ll never  feel alone in your fight with the insurance companies. That’s our promise to you and your family.

Dog Bite Statistics

Each year over 4.5 million people are injured in dog bite incidents in the United States. A good number of these incidents occur within the borders of Washington State. While dogs are domesticated animals, they remain just that: animals. Bites remain a risk for pet owners and anyone in the immediate proximity of a dog.

Below are statistics relevant to Renton and Washington State dog owners:

  • 1 in 5 Dog Bite Injuries Becomes Infected
  • 80-90% of Bites are From Dogs Known to the Victim
  • Children Under the Age of 10 are the Most Common Dog Bite Victims
  • Indeed, Dog Bites are the 2nd Leading Cause of Injury for Children
  • 20% of Dog Bites in Washington State are Caused by Pit Bull Breeds
  • The Majority of Dog Bite Fatalities are from Pit Bull and Rottweiler Breeds

The best way to avoid being bitten by a dog is to remain vigilant around both unknown and familiar animals. Do not antagonize a dog for any reason. Recognize when a dog is perturbed by the position of its ears, whether it is growling or not, and if its hair is standing up. Remember that even if you know a dog well, the risk of a bite remains.

Free Consultations with Experienced Renton Dog Bite Attorneys

More than any other law firm in Renton, The Advocates are experts at successfully settling dog bite injury claims. We understand the pain and frustration you likely feel and will do whatever we can to help you make the best recovery possible from your injuries and losses.

Dog bite injury claims can be tricky and difficult to bring to a satisfactory conclusion. What you need is proven and dedicated legal representation to recover both physically and financially. What you need is an Advocate attorney on your side.

When you meet with The Advocates during your free legal consultation, we will walk you through your case step by step so you know just what is in store for you and your family. Why settle for a run-of-the-mill lawyer when you can have an Advocate represent your legal interests? Contact our team today about your dog bite injury claim. You deserve an Advocate!

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