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Life after an injury can be full of uncertainty. The Advocates Injury Attorneys in Walla Walla are here to assist you and your family on your path to recovery.

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The Advocates in Walla Walla have the legal experience and skill needed to win maximum compensation for injuries and losses suffered in any type of accident caused by the carelessness or negligence of another person. Our team will answer any legal questions you have during a free consultation and help determine the best path forward for your particular situation. When you hire The Advocates, you're choosing one of the best teams in all of Walla Walla.

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Serving the Pacific Northwest

With offices throughout Washington and Oregon, The Advocates Injury Attorneys are well equipped to serve you no matter where you’re located.

Our Plan For Your Recovery

Severe personal injuries can have a lasting effect on your life, necessitating support that goes beyond traditional legal assistance. Our team is skilled in negotiating with insurance companies, medical entities, and with your own workplace to ensure you’re ultimately compensated for any time you’re unable to work. We even make sure you can find a temporary replacement in case your vehicle needs repairs. Whatever the complexity of your case, we can do something for you.

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    Contact The Advocates for a free consultation.

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    Our team will answer all your questions, explain the process, and advise on next steps.

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    We will help develop a customized plan that meets your specific needs.

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    We will help you get maximum compensation by fighting aggressively on your behalf.

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    Our team will communicate with you every step of the way, and work tirelessly to ensure you receive fair compensation for your injuries.

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The Advocates are experienced personal injury lawyers fighting on behalf of accident victims in and around Walla Walla, Washington as well as the entire Pacific Northwest.

  • 5 Stars Rating

    I was in a small accident, but they treated it like I was their number one customer…They really performed well for me.

    Al T
  • 5 Stars Rating

    When I got sidelined by a car blasting through my crosswalk, the Advocates took care of everything while I recovered. It is a huge relief that they are on my side. They are on your side too!

    Brian C
  • 5 Stars Rating

    I knew I had someone that could support me through my lawsuit… I recommend The Advocates to people everywhere I go, and I go out of my way to tell people, “There’s only one law firm that I think you should work with.”

    Steven S

Why You Need an Advocate

Injury victims that retain a lawyer frequently receive larger settlements. 3.5x larger. Along with helping you navigate the claims process while you focus on getting better, The Advocates’ Walla Walla personal injury lawyers are here to get you the best result possible.

  • Get a free consultation at your convenience, without needing to come into an office. We can meet you wherever you need us.

  • We won’t let the insurance company take advantage of you, and will ensure you get fair compensation.

  • Our experienced personal injury attorneys aren’t afraid to litigate and stand firm when insurance companies stoop to lowball offers or shady tactics.

  • We’ll help you get back on your feet so you and your family can move on with your lives.

Our Team of Advocates

Personal injury cases are personal, and you deserve a team that listens. We go beyond legal representation. The Advocates are committed to giving our all to get your life back on track after your unfortunate incident.

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