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You need more than a lawyer

You Deserve an

Life after an unfortunate injury can be difficult and unsettling.

The Advocates are here to support you and your family every step of the way.

Speak with an Advocate Today!

Why You Need an Advocate

Not only will hiring a lawyer better help you navigate the claim process so you can focus on getting better,
injury victims who have legal representation frequently receive settlements up to 3.5x larger than those who try to go it alone.
The Advocates are here to get you the best result possible.

  • We will come to you for a free consultation. Our attorneys can meet you wherever is convenient for you.

  • We will help navigate car repairs and any immediate needs you have following your accident.

  • We will stand up to the insurance company and fight for your best interests.

  • Our experienced attorneys will make sure you don’t get taken advantage of by low offers or shady tactics.

  • We’ll help you get back on your feet so you and your family can move on with your lives.

What Our clients are Saying

“Amy Jones was great to work with. I got straight answers. Her assistant came to me
the next morning to sign documents, and she
did not waste any time moving forward with my case (which she won). Very professional.
I would highly recommend Amy.”


“They treated me with respect, without being patronizing or tutorial. Laid all the facts on the table, let me know what to expect, no false hopes

I don’t know how they could’ve been better.”


“The Advocates are great at what they do. They were always there when I needed assistance or had one of my many questions.

I would highly recommend Advocates Law anyone in need.”


How Can We Help You?

We genuinely care about and have empathy for the people who seek our help. We respect our clients and do our best
to protect, guide, and empower them. Regardless of your circumstances, you deserve better than a regular lawyer. You deserve an Advocate!

Speak With an Advocate Today

Personal injury claims are personal. Your lawyer should never make you feel like you’re a dollar amount or just one more accident claim among thousands.
Even if we are not able to take your case, please contact us and our team will make sure you have the guidance and advice you need to move forward with your recovery.

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