Widow Sues Company for I-94 Truck Accident


The widow of a truck driver who plunged over the ledge of a Wisconsin highway is suing the trucking company for negligence in its hiring and training process. The I-94 truck accident left two men dead.

Lillian Moss Johnson recently filed a lawsuit against Warehouse Transport Services over the death of her husband, Jeffrey Johnson, according to the Wisconsin Journal Sentinel.

Authorities called her husband a hero for diverting his truck last-minute to avoid striking cars in the June 19 crash in Racine County.

The lawsuit accuses Warehouse Transport of negligence in its hiring, training and supervising of the late driver who initiated the I-94 truck accident in Racine County.

Kenneth Rogers, the semi-truck driver who was driving southbound on I-94 on June 19, attempted to change lanes and instead hit a construction barrier, overcorrected and crashed right into the median that separates the northbound traffic. According to the lawsuit, Rogers’ reckless driving caused three cars heading northbound to collide with the barrier, quickly forcing Jeffrey Johnson to veer away from the collision at the last second.

Jeffrey Johnson fatally swerved off of I-94 and landed in a ditch below and died on impact. Rogers also succumbed to his injuries.

Lillian Johnson is seeking unspecific damages for Jeffrey Johnson’s death. Her lawsuit claims that Rogers’ negligent driving caused the crash.

Warehouse Transport and their parent company, Hansen Storage Company, have not commented on the suit.

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