Tribute to Fallen Soldiers Memorial Torch Motorcycle Ride  

2020 Torch Run July 12 – Aug 2: Recap

On July 12, motorcyclists from across the country began their 11th Annual Memorial Torch Run to honor and pay tribute to America’s fallen service members.

Organized and led by the Tribute to Fallen Soldiers Northwest, this dedicated group of riders left Eugene, Oregon on a 22-day voyage to Arlington National Cemetery in Washington. The group made multiple stops along the way to pay visit to families of fallen heroes by presenting them with their “Memorial Plaque of Distinguished Service” and asking each family to sign the Tribute to Fallen Soldier’s American Flag.

These included places such as Caldwell, Idaho and Amarillo, Texas, as well as Tulsa, Oklahoma and Fayetteville, North Carolina.

The riders ventured across the country with a single American Flag and an ever-burning torch to honor the soldiers who have lost their lives serving our nation. It is significant that this torch remains protected throughout the entire journey until the group safely arrives at the Arlington National Cemetery.

This year the closing ceremony was given on August 2nf from organization leaders to formally extinguish the Fallen Soldiers Memorial Flame inside the Arlington National Cemetery.

Tribute to Fallen Soldiers Closing Ceremony
The Closing Ceremony of the 2020 Tribute to Fallen Soldiers Ride. It was here that the Memorial Bell chimed 68 times for each fallen service member as their names were announced.

Tribute to Fallen Soldiers Northwest is a group of truly patriotic Americans who have served the country, are ex-law enforcement, mothers and fathers, Gold Star families and everyday people who choose to take this journey to pay respects to families who have faced the ultimate sacrifice.

Tribute to Fallen Soldiers is a 501(c)(3) non-profit corporation that originally began in Oregon in the summer of 2009. In those early years, the state of Oregon lost more than 120 service members. The group has made it their mission to honor each life every year and say ‘thank you’ to the families in home visits along the route.

The torch motorcycle ride is a proud partner with proactive organizations such as American Legion, Elks Lodge and VFW to help riders make the trip across the country. At the end of each travel day, riders are welcomed to stay with an ‘Overnight Host’ at one of these community organizations. Travelers are encouraged to bring their own bedding.

In addition to the stay, hosts will provide riders with complimentary meals upon arrival and breakfast before their departure.

Each morning a ‘Daily Ride Briefing’ is given to go over the route, timing and family visits for the day. In the case of any unexpected breakdowns or incidents along the way, it’s important that riders know where the end location is for that particular day.

The Memorial Torch Run is free for participating riders. All riders are encouraged to join, including individual riders, ride chapters and other motorcycle groups. Whether you join for one day or the entire journey, the amount of time you ride is up to you.

Many people from all over the country have said that this is one of the most memorable trips to be part of. In fact, one of the riders from this year carried a Never Forget Story Flag, which has traveled with him for over 21,000 miles.

To help support this annual journey, The Advocates have donated $2,500 to support the Tribute to Fallen Soldiers and paying respects to Gold Star families.

For more information about next year’s ride, you can visit Tribute to Fallen Soldiers website.