Trafficpocalypse Snarls Friday Commute in Seattle

Friday morning’s rainy commute into Seattle was certainly one for the record books. Multiple automobile-related incidents left traffic snarled for hours and hours as police and WSDOT employees did their best to ease wait times into the city.

The first reported incident involved a dramatic police chase along Interstate 90. At 2:30 a.m. a woman commandeered a Kent police cruiser and attempted to escape. Kent PD were able to track her down using the cruiser’s locator and arrested her not far from Snoqualmie.

Then, two hours later, traffic into and out of Seattle was backed up for miles Friday morning after a semi-truck rolled over on Interstate-5. The semi-truck accident occurred shortly before dawn at the entrance to Exit 163 onto the West Seattle Bridge.

The flipped-over truck blocked a full three lanes of I-5 in a semi-truck accident many witnesses described as Mad Max: Fury Road type of crash. Morning commuters faced delays close to 2 hours heading into Seattle. Thankfully, no one was injured in the semi truck accident.

The morning chaos was far from over. An hour later a United States postal truck burst into flames on Highway 167. Traffic was backed up for almost ten miles in both directions as motorists watched the truck burn as they passed.

“We’ve had car crashes, we’ve had spin-outs, we’ve had rolled-over semis, we’ve had car chases, and we’ve had car fires,” said Chris Sullivan, a local traffic radio reporter. “Heck of a morning.”

Much of the carnage was cleared by 9 a.m. and traffic into and out of the city improved tremendously. But the morning commute was going to be remembered for some time solely due to the scale and sensationalism of its many crashes and bizarre incidents.