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Social Security Disability

If you are unable to work due to a disability or an injury, you may be entitled to SSD or SSDI benefits. An attorney with The Advocates is ready to help you recover benefits you are owed according to federal law.

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Unable to Work Due to a Disability? You Need an Advocate!

The process to obtain benefits from a Social Security claim in Washington, Idaho, and Oregon can be incredibly complicated and frustrating. The forms you’re required to fill out are confusing. Even the wait time to see a judge about your claim is far too long for someone who is in need. Each and every month, the Social Security Administration receives and reviews over 200,000 new disability applications. With only three Office of Hearings Operations and 39 judges serving the entire state, the wait time to even get a hearing with an actual judge is well over a year. To make matters worse, a state like Washington has one of the highest denial rates (65% and 87% for appeals) in the country.

Not to worry. The Advocates understand what you’re going through. Over the years, our Social Security attorney has helped thousands of disabled clients obtain benefits they are entitled to according to federal law. Regardless of whether you have yet to apply for SSD benefits or have already received a denial from an administrative judge, The Advocates are prepared to help you win the benefits you are legally entitled to.

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The best way to maximize the value of your Social Security Disability claim is to hire an attorney as soon as possible. The process in which to obtain benefits can be especially complex, and a single error can cause your claim to be denied. The federal government is strict about its definition of who exactly constitutes the ‘disabled’ designation. This makes the process to obtain benefits rigorous and complicated for anyone who is not a trained legal professional.
The Advocates encourage you to reach out to our attorneys as early in the process as you are able. We prefer to handle all aspects of your claim to ensure no errors or mistakes are made which could cause a denial status.

Regardless of where you are in the process, though, our attorneys are ready to assist you. We can help handle your claim no matter if you’ve already been denied benefits or have yet to apply. The Advocates will help guide you through the entire process. You deserve an Advocate!

When you hire The Advocates to represent your SSD claim, you’ll work side by side with our expert Social Security Disability (SSD) and Social Security Income (SSI) attorney Brad Johnson. Over the years, Brad has helped thousands of clients from over 30 states successfully navigate their way through the entire social security disability process. Below are the types of disability claims The Advocates can help you with:

  • Appeal a Denied Claim: Appealing a denied claim is virtually impossible without an experienced SSD attorney since your claim must be reviewed by a federal court.

  • Mental Health Disability Claims: Our attorneys can assist with claims involving mental conditions such as: PTSD; Bipolar Disorder; Schizophrenia; Depression; Autism; ADHD; and many other personality disorders.

  • Spinal Disability Claims: Complications involving the back and spine can leave you unable to work for months or even years at a time. Don’t worry. The Advocates can help with your claim.

  • Security Income (SSI): If you do not qualify for SSD then our attorneys can help you apply for Supplemental Security Income (SSI).

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Our Social Security Lawyer is Ready to Help You!

The Advocates has offices located throughout Utah and the western United States. No matter if you live in Utah, Wyoming, California, or even Seattle, our SSD attorneys are prepared to help you fully pursue your disability claim. Here are just a few ways The Advocates can help you:

  • Free legal consultations

  • We accept disability cases from All 50 States!

  • No money up front

  • No attorney fees if we don’t win your case

  • Available 24/7 to take your call

  • We truly care about you and your situation

Don’t wait. Contact an SSD attorney with The Advocates about your case today! Call 1-888-565-5277 for a free consultation or chat immediately with our Social Security attorney Brad Johnson at the bottom of your screen. You deserve an Advocate!

The Advocates accept social security disability clients throughout the entire United States. Our offices in Utah, Washington, Montana, Idaho, and Wyoming better help our attorneys serve clients in the following states: Utah, Washington, Montana, Idaho, Wyoming, California, Arizona, Colorado, Nevada, Oregon, and New Mexico.

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