Slip and Fall Accident: Hiring a Work Injury Attorney

Have you ever been injured in a slip and fall accident? Maybe you were out walking or running when all of a sudden you either slipped or tripped and fell flat. Slip and falls happen to the best of us. Determining if you have a legitimate slip and fall case, however, is fairly difficult. Even the surest-footed of people have lapses of clumsiness. Ice on a sidewalk, tree branches on a trail, ignoring Wet Floor signage – all of these can lead to a slip and fall. So what happens in a slip and fall case to determine who was at fault?

What Shoes Did You Have On?

Once an attorney takes on your slip and fall case, they will likely ask you what type of shoes you were wearing at the time of the accident. If you weren’t wearing proper shoes at the time it could hurt your settlement. For example, wearing high heels while running through a grocery store can be dangerous. Or maybe you decided wearing dress shoes to the gym would be a good idea when it simply isn’t.

Your attorney may even ask you to bring the shoes you were wearing at the time of the slip and fall so that they or someone who specializes in shoe safety can assess the shoe’s integrity. In some instances, slip and fall cases can change to product liability cases where the shoe itself is deemed unsafe, similar to what happened with toning shoes back in 2012.

Where Did Your Slip and Fall Accident Occur?

After your attorney notes what type of shoes you were wearing, they will have a property investigator come to check out the area the fall took place. The investigator will make note of current building codes and requirements and make sure the area met these standards. If the area is not up to code and it makes your slip and fall then your case much more likely to be successful.

The investigator and your attorney will also review any videos of the fall area if it was under surveillance at the time. Here, they can make note of any signage that is up to deter passersby, any spills or cracks in the floor, and even if the injured party themselves purposely fell. If there is no video, it’s likely your attorney will contact any witnesses to the fall to get a bigger picture of your slip and fall case.

What Should You Do After a Slip and Fall Accident?

Again, being injured in a slip and fall accident can happen to all of us. It’s important to understand when it was your fault versus the property owner’s negligence. If you slipped and fell and suffered from resulting injuries, you need a good slip and fall attorney to help you investigate your case. The Advocates have a great deal of experience handling slip and fall cases and getting their clients fair compensation for injuries. Your first consultation is always free so give us a call as soon as possible!