Seattle Police Hand Out Distracted Driver Tickets

Lake Forest Police wrote over 60 distracted driver tickets Thursday. Police officers handed out the tickets over a period of three hours during the Thursday commute.

Since Washington state passed the Driving Under the Influence of Electronics act, more and more police departments are cracking down on texting drivers. There was an initial grace period of six months after the law went into effect last July. But since it expired in January traffic officers have begun to ticket drivers caught using hand-held devices when they should be focusing on the road.

“You can expect more emphasis patrols coming this summer,” warned the Lake Forest police. “This has got to stop.”

Lake Forest drivers can’t say they weren’t warned the crackdown was coming. Police had put up a reader board reminding them of the DUIE law two days before they began writing tickets. Nearly half of the drivers who were cited said they had seen the warning but had ignored it anyway.

Washington drivers should remember that it is now illegal to hold an electronic device while operating a motor vehicle, even if you are in traffic or at a red light. First offense fines are $136 and increase to $235 for the second offense. Drivers should also know that first offense infractions can be reported to insurance companies.

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