Seattle Duck Boat Crash Lawsuits Settle

The city of Seattle and Washington State have settled lawsuits over the infamous duck boat crash for 4.4 million dollars. The duck boat crash took place in 2015 on the notoriously dangerous Aurora Bridge. Five riders were killed in the crash and dozens more were injured.

The lawsuits were brought by 12 plaintiffs who were injured in the crash. Court documents show that Seattle agreed to pay out $2.2 million to 9 of the injured plaintiffs and $75,000 or less to the remaining 3 plaintiffs.

Washington State also agreed to settle with the same 9 plaintiffs for similar total. The state settlement brings the total amount to over $4.4 million.

Over 40 duck boat crash victims have filed lawsuits against both the city, state, and the company that operated the duck boat tour vehicles, Ride the Ducks of Seattle. The duck boat crash occurred when a front axle on the vehicle broke and sent it veering into opposing traffic on Aurora Bridge and collided with a bus carrying international students. Aurora Bridge has no diving barrier between the north and southbound lanes.

Seattle had previously attempted to argue that it wasn’t liable for the duck boat crash since Washington State was in charge of improving safety measures on the Aurora Bridge. A King County judge, however, ruled that Seattle and Washington State were both responsible for maintenance of Aurora Bridge.

Ride the Ducks of Seattle was fined nearly a quarter of a million dollars by Washington State for crash. The duck boat manufacturer has also been fined close to $1 million since the crash.

Aurora Bridge has yet to receive any major safety improvements.

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