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SeaTac Hit-and-Run Kills 1 Man

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SeaTac Hit-and-Run Kills 1 Man


Washington State Patrol (WSP) is looking for the driver responsible for a hit-and-run near SeaTac. The hit-and-run took the life of a 44-year-old man and occurred early Friday morning just before 2 a.m. The man was pronounced deceased at the scene.

WSP said the victim was a passenger of a black 1996 Chevrolet Blazer SUV, who was attempting to fill the vehicle with gas. The driver who struck the man did not stop and quickly fled the scene. The driver of the SUV was uninjured.

WSP Troopers described the vehicle as a gray utility truck with a built-in toolbox and a winch in the truck bed. WSP obtained a bag of rugby balls that fell off the truck and landed on the side of Highway 518.

Police and emergency response arrived at the on-ramp to Highway 519 off Des Moines Memorial Drive around 2 a.m., said WSP Trooper Rick Johnson. The collision left both vehicles damaged. The passenger side of the Chevrolet Blazer was totaled. WSP said the utility truck responsible for the hit-and-run sustained damage to the front-end and left side.

The on-ramp was closed for over four hours as the scene was cleared.

Anyone with relevant information is urged to contact Washington State Patrol at: (360) 596-4000.


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