Ride the Ducks Crash Lawsuits Settle For Millions

Four plaintiffs in the infamous 2015 Ride the Ducks crash have settled their personal injury claims in settlements totaling well over $8 million dollars. The Ride the Ducks crash occurred just over two years ago when a defective duck boat suddenly veered into oncoming traffic on the notoriously dangerous Aurora Bridge in Seattle.

The bulk of the settlements, $7 million, is earmarked for the family of Privando Putradanto, 18, who perished in the horrific crash. The other three plaintiffs will receive $600,000, $375,000, and $275,000, for injuries suffered to the back and neck, for a fractured collarbone, and for broken hands, respectively. The settlements are with the Ride the Ducks International and the Ride the Ducks Seattle companies. The four victims injury claims against Washington State and the city of Seattle are still outstanding.

Four other people died in the Ride the Ducks crash and 34 others were injured. The trial began in October and continues to this day. The lawsuits brought by the victims claim the Ride the Ducks crash was caused because of a design flaw and poor maintenance of the duck boat truck, an amphibious truck-boat widely used in World War II by Allied forces.

The Ride the Ducks crash happened in late summer of 2015 when one of the duck boats carrying tourists suddenly veered into oncoming traffic on the Aurora Bridge and crashed head-on with a tour bus carrying dozens of international students. An investigation conducted after the fact showed that the duck boat had suffered a broken axle and then lost control.

The Ride the Ducks trial is projected to continue for several months as both sides make their case. The trial is being heard in the superior court.

All three of the surviving victims who settled reportedly suffered PTSD as a result of the Ride the Ducks crash.

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