Recover Lost Wages Caused By Your Accident

One of the most pressing concerns people have after being seriously injured in an accident is how they will make ends meet if they are unable to work. Being injured in an accident can be stressful to deal with, especially if the accident was caused by another person. If you’ve been injured due to someone else’s negligence and missed a substantial amount of work as a result, you have a number of options to recover the wages you have lost.

Lost Wages: What You Are Due

According to Washington State law, the party liable for an accident is responsible for any and all wages you may have lost due to injury. If you suffered a debilitating injury, say a broken arm from a slip and fall accident, which caused you to be away from your job for several weeks, then you have a legal right to pursue the wages you lost from the responsible party or from their insurance.

Another relevant example is psychological injuries caused by an accident, such as PTSD suffered from a dog attack. Injuries of this variety, if established by a medical professional, can also be considered grounds to claim lost wages.

Pre-Existing Injuries

Oftentimes, an accident can cause a pre-existing injury or physical problem, which had previously healed, to flare up and become painful again. Lost wages from pre-existing injuries that recur after an accident, making work and day-to-day life difficult, if not impossible, should also be covered by the liable party.

The process of proving a pre-existing injury that has been exacerbated by an accident can be difficult to maneuver, though. You will need to provide comprehensive medical records dating back to your original injury. These records should show how you fully recovered from your injury and then reinjured it after the accident.


Proof of Lost Wages

There are two types of lost wages you can attempt to recover: lost income and lost earning capacity. Lost income is the easier of the two to prove. Providing copies of your paychecks prior to the accident is more than sufficient proof in the law’s eyes.

Lost earning capacity, however, is far more difficult to prove. In order to prove you lost the capacity to earn money due to your accident, a bit of speculation is required. Hiring a financial expert to assess your income and future prospects is likely the best way to recover lost wages of this variety.

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