Be Prepared for Your Initial Consultation

Did you get into a truck accident? If you are the one who got hurt during the accident and it is not your fault, you should hire a personal injury attorney. There are many types of lawyers out there to help you. The first thing to do is to set up a meeting for a consultation on your case.

To hasten your case and to avoid wasting time, you should prepare for your first meeting. You have to try to make your first meeting as productive as possible. During your consultation, give the names of the people or organization involved in the accident and possible witnesses. You should also try to secure the following documents before your meeting:

  • Copies of records from the doctor, hospital and therapy sessions
  • Copies of reports from the police regarding your accident, injuries and other details
  • Hospital bills
  • Documents about the insurance coverage of your medical expenses
  • Documents detailing possible medical costs
  • Diagnosis and prognosis reports from the doctors handling you
  • Documents detailing the work that you missed while you recuperate from your injuries
  • A list of the impacts of the accident on your life
  • A calendar with the complete details of significant happenings from the accident
  • Details of transaction with insurance companies
  • Copies that prove communication with your insurance companies
  • Documents that show claims filed by your employer or insurance company
  • Any other documentation that might be related to your accident case

By coming to your first meeting prepared, your case will move forward quickly. The attorney will be impressed and see that you are taking your case seriously. The documentation you bring will help the attorney and assistants get started and jump in your case right away. It will also help the attorney give you a more accurate range of what a settlement could look like having seen the accident documentation. So remember, be prepared for your initial consultation.