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Defective Drugs Can Cause Great Harm, & Legal Counsel Is Essential

Defective drugs can devastate your health & well-being, & you need experienced attorneys to help you win fair compensation.


Defective Drugs Are Dangerous Pharmaceuticals

The pharmaceutical industry has created life saving cures and saved thousands of lives.  Diseases like HIV, smallpox, polio, measles, yellow fever and malaria are some of the many diseases that modern medicine has helped treat. However, sometimes a handful of new drugs turn out to have disastrous side effects.  These drugs can cause more agony, disease, and hindrance than they help. Some of these drugs can cause serious health problems. Instead of treating the chronic illness and diseases that they are prescribed for, they hinder health and well being.  Academic research has shown how dangerous a defective drug can be.  It can negatively impact your health and quality of life. Although new drugs are rigorously tested and are forced to meet the Center for Disease Control and Prevention(CDC) guidelines before they can be approved for public usage, the dangerous side effects and defects can take years to be discovered.

Unfortunately, there are some pharmaceutical companies that know about the harmful side effects associated with their product, but decide the profits greatly outweigh the risks to persons health. These companies may hide some details about how dangerous a drug really is in order to get FDA approval.  Some companies may even rush the drug to the market without the adequate testing on their end. Defective drugs cause injury.  They can alter the lives of their users and potentially cause death. The pharmaceutical company that distributed the bad drug is liable for the damages its drug caused to victims.

When dangerous prescription drugs have been identified as being dangerous, they are removed from the market.  These drugs can then be subject to class action lawsuits.  The Advocates Law will fight to get you the best settlement possible. Our experienced attorneys have dealt with class action lawsuits before.  Their expertise in defective drug cases will help you win your case.  Determining if you have a good case can be difficult because defective drugs are constantly in the news with numerous cases and settlements. If you believe you have been the victim of the harmful effects of drugs, contact the Advocates Law for a free consultation today at 206-452-4200.

Defective Drugs – Injury Can Be Long Lasting and Serious

Some factors that come into play when determining if you have a potential defective drug injury lawsuit are:

  • The type of defective drug used
  • How long it was used
  • The reason it was prescribed
  • The specific side effects experienced

Another common question is what kind of compensation can be expected after taking defective drugs.

The amount of compensation is determined by:

  • How serious are the side effects
  • If the side effects had a long or short-term effects
  • If the side effects had the potential to be life threatening
  • What additional treatments and surgeries were required because of the drug

Defective drug lawsuits are incredibly complex. There are almost always numerous victims. To get the best settlement possible, the Advocates Law will lend their experienced defective drug lawyers to argue the best case, and help you receive fair compensation. Even after a class action cases have been settled, pharmaceutical companies use their teams of attorneys to keep settlement costs low and protect their profits and self-interests. The Advocates Law have years of defective drug injury lawsuit experience, and have successfully helped thousands of clients to get their share of compensation for their injuries from the most harmful drugs, such as Fen Phen, Vioxx, Yazz/Yasmin and many others.

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