Pelvic Injury after Pedestrian Accident

A pedestrian accident occurs when people cross roads and are struck by motor vehicles. It is incredibly hard to mitigate this risk due to the fact that people often cross roads every day. Even if you drive to work, it’s likely you have to cross a street or two to get to your building, or when you go to lunch.

Pelvic injuries occur in about 10% of pedestrian accidents. Though that seems rare, there is a high fatality rate in conjunction with pelvic injury. We’ll discuss pelvis and thigh injuries as well as how a vehicle’s shape plays a role in a pedestrian accident.

Where Pedestrians Get Hit

Generally, people are most often struck by a vehicle when they are crossing the street. In fact, 71% of pedestrian accident cases with pelvic injury were hit on their side. Due to the structure of the pelvis, side impacts make fractures much more likely than front or back impacts since the pelvic bones at the side are much weaker.

Since the front of most vehicles reaches an adult’s thigh or hip area, a vehicle striking a pedestrian’s side means a pelvis fracture is likely. In addition to pelvic injury, when the thigh makes contact with the hood of a vehicle in a pedestrian accident, the thighbone (femur) bends. The more the thighbone bends, the more likely it will suffer a fracture.

Hood Shape Affects Pedestrian Accident Injury

Studies have shown that the shape of the hood affects the number of pelvis and upper leg injuries during a pedestrian accident. A rounder hood means that the impact force is distributed across more of the thigh and that it creates a rolling motion in the thigh that lessens the impact speed. Luckily vehicles built after 1990 incorporated rounder hoods, making thighbone fractures decrease dramatically.

The height of the vehicle’s bumper also affected the number of pelvis and thigh injuries. As bumper height increased, injury to the thighs decreased but pelvic injury increased. Studies done on SUVs, which have high bumpers relative to sedans, have a 12% increase in pelvic injuries compared to sedans.

When to Take Action

If you’ve been hit by a motor vehicle and are suffering from a pelvic or thigh injury you should be fairly compensated for your medical bills, lost wages, and pain and suffering. The Advocates have experienced pedestrian accident attorneys who are on call at any time to discuss your case. If you were in a pedestrian accident, call us today for your free and confidential consultation!