Our Core Values

Here at The Advocates Law, we take pride in the fact that our core values separate us from other personal injury law firms. No other law firm strives to put their clients’ needs first and foremost quite like we do. Our attorneys work tirelessly to ensure the lives of their clients are one day made whole again. Our team is built around individuals who are committed to helping others and seeking positive change in their community. The following is the list of core values we try to adhere to day in and day out for the sake of our clients and for each other:


Client loyalty is our North Star. We have genuine empathy for the people who seek out our help. We treat our clients as if they were members of our own family and make decisions about their case as if they were in the room with us. We work hard to improve the lives of our clients and to make the people around us better. We feel it is our privilege and duty to help others with the knowledge, training, and resources we have at our disposal.


We recognize that society, in general, is a work in progress and while we honor the established system and have a deep reverence for tradition, we endeavor to improve ourselves and the world around us. We take individual ownership and accountability for the work we do for our clients. Instead of seeing mistakes and problems as failures and systemic breakdowns, we use them as opportunities to improve our process in order to do better in the future.


The Advocates Law only hires people we trust, and we then trust the people we hire. We work hard because we love hard work. The quality of our work is personal to us. Instead of shying away from adversity, we do things the right way, even when this means we must take the more difficult path. We are not scared to fight for what is fair for our clients.


We empower and invest in each other. We understand the importance of fulfilling and reliable work in our lives. We are grateful for the opportunities we have received and try our best to never feel entitled. Not only do we acknowledge that everyone is unique, but we also recognize how essential our differences are to both the success of our system and to the quality of work we do in the world.