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At the Advocates Law, we love motorcycles!  We are dedicated to protecting the rights of people who have been injured in a motorcycle accident. We love riding our bikes so much, we even host an annual motorcycle ride called The Ride for Riders.  This is a charity event we put on to raise funds for the Advocates Giving Association and The Rider’s Fund.

Sometimes motorcyclists can be hard to see. We understand that riders trade the added protection of a standard vehicle for the feeling of freedom only a motorcycle can provide. Yet with that trade-off, those involved in a motorcycle accident are often prone to major injuries.  Even with protective gear. The motorcycle accident lawyers at the Advocates Law have dedicated themselves to protecting the rights of motorcyclists.  They will help you get compensation for your injury.  They will aid in your recovery in any way possible.

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All motorists should be alert and aware of motorcycles around them. However, in our world of constant distractions, motorcycle riders are at an increased risk of not being seen. Because of the size and weight of a standard automobile, a car and motorcycle crash often ends in injury for the motorcyclist. The motorcycle accident attorneys at the Advocates Law are dedicated to getting motorcycle riders the help they need.


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