Maple Valley Motorcycle Crash Victim Identified

One of the two victims involved in a Maple Valley motorcycle crash has been identified. The crash occurred late Sunday night on the Maple Valley-Black Diamond Road not far from the Southeast 251st Street intersection.

The King County Medical Examiner identified the motorcyclist who was killed as Michael Felhosi, 54, of Renton, Washington. One other motorcyclist, also a resident of Renton, was injured in the crash and rushed to Harborview Medical Center for treatment

The crash occurred shortly before 9 p.m. Sunday night when Feloshi and two other motorcyclists were traveling north in the direction of Renton. A car then pulled onto the northbound lanes of Maple Valley-Black Diamond Road. Felhosi was the first to hit the car, his motorcycle colliding with the back of the vehicle. The second motorcyclist, who has yet to be identified ran head-on into the car.

The King County Sheriff’s Office is currently investigating reports the trio of motorcyclists were “driving recklessly” shortly before the crash took place
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