Lower Back Pain after Motor Vehicle Accident

Lower back pain, similar to neck and upper back pain, is caused by your lumbar spine. The lower back takes a lot of abuse these days: sitting incorrectly for long periods, improperly lifting heavy objects, and even simply growing older. It’s no wonder that when people get into motor vehicle accidents, any present lower back pain is worsened. In this article we’ll take a look at the anatomy of the lower back and how current vehicle designs are lacking in lumbar support.

Anatomy of the Lower Back

You lower back contains the lumbar spine. Sometimes you might hear about the thoracolumbar spine, which is the very bottom of the thoracic spine and the top of the lumbar spine. There are five vertebrae in your lumbar spine with an equivalent lumbar nerve. Considering your lumbar spine holds up most of your back and torso, these vertebrae are the largest bones in your spine.

The lumbar spine starts just below the ribs and ends at the pelvis. Similar to the cervical spine, your lumbar spine curves inward. Injuries to the lumbar spine can include disc bulging, compression, and even paralysis. Many people struggle with lower back pain on a daily basis and being in a motor vehicle accident can only exacerbate the pain.

Lumbar Support in Car Seats

Lumbar support is crucial in preventing lower back pain. Car seats, while providing fantastic head and neck support when they added the head rest, have yet to catch up with lumbar support. Think about how you sit in a car. Do you press your back up against the seat? If so, it’s likely that you are flattening the natural curve to your lumbar spine, which should not happen.

The standard for vehicle lumbar support is a surface at the bottom of the seat curved exactly two centimeters outward. However, one study found that doubling the curvature would put a person’s lower back near standing values, which may result in fewer lower back injuries following motor vehicle collisions.

If you drive for more than an hour per day, it is recommended you use some kind of lumbar support. Though there are many expensive options out there, you may even consider using a rolled up towel or t-shirt as a means of support – anything that helps get the natural curve of your lumbar spine back.

I am Experiencing Lower Back Pain after a Motor Vehicle Accident

If you suffer from lower back pain after a motor vehicle accident, whether it’s brand new pain or the collision made it worse, make sure you get to a physician and get an x-ray. X-rays of the lumbar spine can be used to tell if fractured your spine or if a disc is herniated.

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