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Loose Log Injures Trucker on I-5

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Loose Log Injures Trucker on I-5


One trucker was left in serious condition after logs from another truck impaled the windshield of his truck. Washington State patrol said the first trucker stopped suddenly in a construction zone, causing the second logging truck to rear-end the first.

The accident left traffic snarled on I-5 for close to five miles for much of Thursday. Two lanes of traffic were reported to have been closed and did not reopen until that afternoon. The accident occurred near the 38th Street exit off of I-5.

Tacoma Fire Department officials reported that the driver of the second truck, a 34-year-old Oregon man, was transported to a local hospital. He suffered no major injuries beyond broken ribs. The driver of the first truck, however, was seriously injured and taken to Tacoma General Hospital for treatment. He is reported to be in stable condition.

The driver of the second truck was later cited with speeding.

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